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fredag 17 februari 2017

And ....that was wintertime!!

So that was winter!?  It started last wednesday and today the fields are all bare and muddy. Here are glimpses from both winter and whispering spring.
The sundial keeps the time right, standing in what used to be the vicars garden path.
The spotted woodpecker was heard high up in the chestnut trees and in our garden the Great tit and the blue tit have begun their spring tune - Tititaa tititaa tititaaatit!

You can easily tell we are not used to winter anymore, there have been more accidents these few days than I have ever noticed before.  In our parts there have scarcely been any ground frost and they are worried about the water supplies, we had a dry summer and autumn as well.
Still, there are worse situations, on the news they have been discussion how long we would last come war or any other main hostile action - it's worth thinking about even if the risk is minute.

This morning I had a long talk with a neighbour on climate, environment and alternate power sources and heating sources. She told me that there are experimental thinking on airplanes run on solarpower.  They have gotten one small aircraft running on solarpower only, but the jetplanes would become far too heavy. As yet. Come on - all you geniousies of the world - create a solution to lessen pollution!!!
And so even a car window turns into a work of art 

Not the easiest time for not being detected!!!

And so the evening sky got back to being magnificent for a couple of days, sunsets, starry nights.   I hope you enjoy!! Soon the grey and gloomy february will be over us again, like today.  But spring, as I opened with today, is marching on, sure as easter!!!

I will soon launch a schooldays post on my other blog, please drop in and read when it's ready!!!!
Blessings to you all. 
Welcome, new readers and please comment , it's nice to hear other voices than mine!!!

Behold - the first tiny aconites lurking in the mud!!!!

Sunsets and trails!!!

lördag 11 februari 2017


Well was that foxtrot, catwalk or badgersdrift, that stole our dinner so bold and swift?
Was it roaming and sneaking in bleak midnight, when the stars were silent and the moon was white?
Was it sharing with others with whiskers and paws, was it a cute little rasqual with eager jaws?
Whoever was here to feed on our behalf, there's one thing to be said to those who care:
Never ever leave a chicken casserole to get chilled on your front stair!!
This was actually the second attack, we never took the pot in, I mean, beasts and monsters has to eat!!

More snow has fallen, but this is only our garden, I AM A BIT LAZY!!!

onsdag 8 februari 2017

Winter wonderland

We still have lots of winterapples for the blackbirds.

My husband lit the lantern for me,  darkness makes the winterland quite lovely.

We brought the christmastree out and stringed it up with the decorationlights, now it looks really nice.  This snow would have been nice on christmas but hopefully the children will have enough time for some snowracing up on the mountainside,  Stibyberget.

Some magical light and the window could be somewhere in Shire.

Unfortunately we are never prepared for this kind of weather nowadays. So our oldest daughter got caught on the bus and the bus started gliding down the slope and that was not the only one in the ditches. She is alright! But there have been several carcrashes and other accidents.  Here in our parts the wind is the tricky part, the amount of snow is not so bad really, but combined with the wind coming sideways across the fields, the snow will mount up in the most difficult places. I drove through several of those, being a nervous wreck when I got home. I have great difficulties driving in the dark these days, my eyes are not what they used to be.
But the snow is lovely if we just look at it in it's glittering and bright dress. Everything gets brighter and shimmery for a while. Winter can be beautiful. 

tisdag 7 februari 2017

A superstar has left us!!

This is insane, really!
So many fine actors and artists has left us for a better everafter and I have been given glimpses of my admiration for many of them, but this is actually disastrous for real.
HANS ROSLING is dead!!!
I knew he got cancer, but a person like Hans, was likely to survive anything we thought.
Hans was a doctor, among many other titles,  and a burning, living, compassionate, ever working man who made leaders of the world understand what caused a countrys development as well as decrease. His understanding of how we use and disuse resources was outstanding, he could make anyone see the connection in figures and thereby explain both how an economy could collaps to how you could stop pandemies, like f.i contageous deceases. He worked all over the world, f.i Mocambique and he also took the swedish initiative to Physicians without borders, Medicins sans frontiers.

I for one never understood maths or statistics and couldn't for the life of me understand how any of it could have any impact on the real world. But for Hans the picture was clear, many world leaders and leading scientists turned to Hans for support and information. He would always be there to help and he was actually working on his latest book only days before his departure. Please read about him and watch his work, I can't do it any real justice here.
He believed that the world could be understood in figures and facts. Below is one example!!

What made him so special was his absolute magnificent way of describing his theories so everybody could get it, he built models with crayons, lego, toys and what he had at hand, you know, like Macgyver.   His kind smile and generous sense of humour made everything bright, we could also enjoy his sharp mind in public televisison's competition shows, like På spåret - On the track.
His wife and children, brother and countless friends and collegues now miss him. I will miss him.

And on top of that, we got snow!! So sorry, Ricky, we are not dried out anymore, it has been falling all day and it's below zero and there is this awful, freezing, horrid wind drilling it's way through every muscle in my body.  BUT EVEN SO - I have a house to hide in and the heating works, a couple of miles from here the beggers sleep in their cars. I have an option, many don't.
Today we gathered in Lund, 400 ministers of the dioces, to meet up with bishop Johan and listen to three different lectures on Luther. I tend to like him more now, and what became of his work.

söndag 5 februari 2017

Oh no, it's time again!!!!

What now, I hear you say, especially my american readers, greetings to you, new friends!!!

If you check my blogposts for february and march last year, you'll know what I mean -
we are approaching ESC and in Sweden this is HUGE!

In other competetive countries this contest is no big deal but in Sweden it's more holy than sunday mass.  It took off yesterday with 7 contestants and will go on every saturday until march 11.  The winner that saturday will then travel to Ukraine and compete in the ESC.

By then, we will have listened to 47 artists and songs. And A LOT of comments from the three leaders of the show , broadcasted from 5 different cities. You see, this is almost too much.

The competition in Sweden is called the Melody festival. From a very modest competition with 8 or ten contestants in front of live audience and live jury groups and live orchestra, ONE single contest, to six.  Back in the fifties there was one year when one singer sang all the songs.
The artists are everything from well established to very unknown, stars-to-be.
Every year there will be one or two with acts not meant to take seriously at all, and one or two acts where the artists turns his or her entire life inside out and sings about personal tragedies and traumas. Every year there will be plenty of fancy dance acts and choirs to cover up poor voices, there will be clothes you wish you never saw and clothes you actually where everyday.
There will be spectacular hairdoes and haircolours, there will be animations and light tricks.
There will be rap, hardcore, country, singsong, jazz, funk, powerballads, disco, tango, bebop and gospel.  In this clip below you can watch the trailer that has been running for some time in swedish television. 

And there will be strange, funny, excellent or horrible intermission acts.
And there will be the endless chitter chatter about too old, too young, too boring, too much, favourite or down the slope. 

The great final takes place may 11th and as things are now, Australia is all of a sudden part of Europe but that is no more strange than the fact that Israel is part of the competition. And Belarus. 
 But this weekend we also had a massive biblestudy in three parts, very interesting and with many people coming, unfortunately I couldn't attend . 
The issue was the connection between promises, revelations and prophesies in the Old Testament and their fullfillment in the gospels. Right, the Israelissue, very very important today, but the non political side of it. Notice, there was no talk about taking sides,  no talk about Trump, this is quite another discussion. A wish for Gods plans to come true, the blessings for ALL people, with the number 70 as guideline, 70 for the heathenraces of the world, symbolicly mentioned all over the Old Testament.
So, blessed be the children of God, with or without the ESC!!

lördag 28 januari 2017

The calender of arrivals and departures - in life

On our kitchen wall we have a calender, actually two because october is missing from one of them. 
In this calender we add peoples birthdays mostly. Recent years, however, we have started to add other things as well, like dates of christening, first tooth, first steps.
And , and that is the topic for this post , date of death, or departure.
Today I add another sad message to this departurelist - John Hurt .
And, as it happends, also Lennart Nilsson, the very gifted photographer who won world fame when he filmed the forthcoming of life , human life, from the very moment of conception to the actual birth of the small new person.
This is what made him world famous, but througout his career he took several hundreds of thousand picture of celebrities, nature, you name it. He died today in the age of 94 so you can say he had a long, good life and gave the world thousands of great, wonderful, magical and inspiring pictures.  Thank you, Lennart!!

The other departure is a bit more difficult to handle ,  sir John Hurt is another one of these talented and great actors that has brought so much joy to my life, being the cineast that I am!
I knew he got cancer a couple of years ago . This friday he passed away, family being with him. My first contact with this brilliant actor and voice actor, was in the film "Elephant man", from 1980, a sad story about a kind and disabled man in the 18th century, reduced to be the "freak".   Memorable is also his performance of Caligula in I Claudius. And the voice of Hazel, in that wonderful film "Watership Down"!!
John was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, in 1940, and studied, amongst other places in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.  He was knighted by her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth ll, in 2015, after he got his pancreatic cancer.  He got several rewards, Bafta for instance,  and recognitions and was also nominated for an Oscar with both  Elephant Man and Midnight Express. Our children loved and remembered him mostly for his part as Ollivander in Harry Potter. 
He has taken his leave and I for one believe that he is dwelling somewhere now where life goes on without magic wands!
Thank you, John Hurt, for all memorable moments!!!!

And yes, being a parish minister, I do follow many people to their departure. Sometimes I have the great privilige to be present when they go, those moments are very special. But every death must be noticed, every person leaving deserves to be cried over and spoken about. Every moment of grieving calls for comfort and listening. Whoever we are.

It's not only the departure of famous people that matters, but as I have said before, they are the ones that goes public whatever they do, and so we can speak freely and sincerely about death and how we feel about sorrow and grief without having to connect it to someone close.
There will come a day when we have to face close losses and heartbroken grief.  Perhaps we then can recall what we spoke of when that famous actor or singer died, and see if it can be related, at least in part, to what we are feeling.  
I speak of death as departure or separation from life as we know it, but dying is also an arrival. We wave goodbye and someone else greets with a warm Welcome,  we are never abandoned.  The gospel of tomorrow is from Mathew, when Peter tries and fails to walk on water, but the Lord reaches out and pulls him out of the raging waves, mildly scoulding him. Never abandoned, even if we fail. Never abandoned even in death, he will pull us out, that is my belief. 

In our calender, life has it's ups and downs, its highlights and shadows, arrivals and departures, life is like that - always in motion. 

fredag 20 januari 2017

And there he is!!

This december we went to Stockholm to see the Tatinof with the english Youtubers Dan and Phil. My oldest, the greatest fan you can imagine, keep saying to me:
"I can't believe it really happend,mum, I can't believe they really stood there, within my reach.
Imagine that I saw that, I was there, it really happend!!!!"

Well, after those 35 words, after that hug, after that speach, I put my words in the same fashion, but the feeling is VERY DIFFERENT. I can't believe that this happend. That he was actually standing there, saying what he said, promising those things, waving that fist.
Is that greatness? Is that the promise of a brighter future?  What makes a person great? I can't hold my head clear, my heart is aching and praying is more important than ever and I admit;
I don't hold the answers but other people actually try to bring us them:
I chose to bring you two swedish films  that can be of some comfort, not just because of DT, there are plenty of leaders to worry about right now......If you need to be encouraged, please read about those films on my other blog , Novels and true stories.   
Goodnight, friends, God bless America and us all.