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tisdag 7 februari 2017

A superstar has left us!!

This is insane, really!
So many fine actors and artists has left us for a better everafter and I have been given glimpses of my admiration for many of them, but this is actually disastrous for real.
HANS ROSLING is dead!!!
I knew he got cancer, but a person like Hans, was likely to survive anything we thought.
Hans was a doctor, among many other titles,  and a burning, living, compassionate, ever working man who made leaders of the world understand what caused a countrys development as well as decrease. His understanding of how we use and disuse resources was outstanding, he could make anyone see the connection in figures and thereby explain both how an economy could collaps to how you could stop pandemies, like f.i contageous deceases. He worked all over the world, f.i Mocambique and he also took the swedish initiative to Physicians without borders, Medicins sans frontiers.

I for one never understood maths or statistics and couldn't for the life of me understand how any of it could have any impact on the real world. But for Hans the picture was clear, many world leaders and leading scientists turned to Hans for support and information. He would always be there to help and he was actually working on his latest book only days before his departure. Please read about him and watch his work, I can't do it any real justice here.
He believed that the world could be understood in figures and facts. Below is one example!!

What made him so special was his absolute magnificent way of describing his theories so everybody could get it, he built models with crayons, lego, toys and what he had at hand, you know, like Macgyver.   His kind smile and generous sense of humour made everything bright, we could also enjoy his sharp mind in public televisison's competition shows, like På spåret - On the track.
His wife and children, brother and countless friends and collegues now miss him. I will miss him.

And on top of that, we got snow!! So sorry, Ricky, we are not dried out anymore, it has been falling all day and it's below zero and there is this awful, freezing, horrid wind drilling it's way through every muscle in my body.  BUT EVEN SO - I have a house to hide in and the heating works, a couple of miles from here the beggers sleep in their cars. I have an option, many don't.
Today we gathered in Lund, 400 ministers of the dioces, to meet up with bishop Johan and listen to three different lectures on Luther. I tend to like him more now, and what became of his work.

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  1. What a joy for you to hear 3 lectures on Luther with 400 ministers in attendance. Be warm in that cold weather, and I hope all are warm.

    1. Yes it was, and at the same time there are plenty of situations where Luthers teachings come in very handy, especially in these days of need. Right now I'm a slight bit concerned if I can get home or not, my daughters bus went down and so has a lot of other vehicles done here.
      This is a tricky landscape, vast open areas creates snowhills of great proportions very quickly. Take care, Terra!

  2. You have options open up the church building and your home to the beggars and then encourage your parishioners to do the same. For it is only by example and courage that the social world improves; in christian terms: it is take up thy cross!

  3. You are very right and that is what is taking place now! It is, in fact, a vocation meant for every human being, christian or not.

  4. Very good and exactly correct - well done !

  5. That's interesting. I can remember being told that we should eat more fish like the Japanese and less red meat to avoid heart disease, and then being told that we should eat a Mediterranean diet like the Greeks and not stuff ourselves with fried foods. And now it turns out that we should eat lentils fruit and beans like the 100-year marathon runner Fujah Singh. Old age with all its aches and pains and trials and tribulations is only for the brave some old people say suffering wear and tear with it's daily aches and pains and genetic and environmental diseases and old people's ailments. I think old folks homes are dreadful places. All sitting around, dribbling, staring into space, waiting to die.

  6. I recently visited a 90 year old lady in the neighbouring town. Fresh paint, all white, china all the same, workingclothes all the same, the staff in pain because of the lack of time to heartfully care for the elders with all their wisdom and all their bodily weakness. Not all homes are like that, Gwil, there are options but they are scarce. It all depends on the mind of those creating the care. Thank you for this important thought!!