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tisdag 15 maj 2018

Fresh start and sour grapes

Dear friends!
I'm not sure if I'm back again but I just wanted to add a few lines about recent events.
I hope you are all doing fine, winter is behind us and spring is attacking from all angels.
I started my new work in February and am slowly getting acquainted with the dos and donts and the amount of people constantly flowing around me.
As I said, it's a school where you can get an education even if you are an adult with adult children. It's a school where people come to shape up grades or just finish the schoolyears they didn't finish before, because life got in the way.
To our school people come that has been working many years and finally made the decision to learn the trade properly. It's also a school for newcomers that needs to learn swedish language and culture in order to get established in their new country.I help out in those classes.
AROUND the school you have a peaceful village and a great deal of forest, birch and pine and others.  Streams with old stonebridges are everywhere and there are plenty of steep hills so getting around by bike would probably fit nicely for one particular Austrian friend.....
Here I have my place as schoolchaplain but I also teach a little.

School has got a chapel and since the school don't have any classes for Swedish church anymore, the chapel is often empty. However, I've arranged a theme for Valentine's day and one for Easter, using some lovely dolls that were made especially for the biblical drama. I'll show you later how I used them!
Otherwise, life is slowly getting brighter and the dark days are not over but have become endurance, at least some of them. There is hope. I think you have been praying for us, I know for sure that some of you have and I'm truly grateful.
That's it for this time, God bless you and enjoy this spring and the treasures that goes with it!
We got lost in the woods on our outing day with school