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lördag 22 oktober 2016

Dennis Mukwege - a real live angel!

Dear friends!!
In these times of hatred and disaster, we can be only too happy that something turnes out right.
Yesterday, as Mozul is slowly being liberated, the churchbells where ringing for the first time in two years in one of the closest villages, now liberated from the IS hatred.
I can honestly say that I cried when I heard those bells and understood that the yazidians now can worship as they have been longing for. To be set free in your right to pray and worship is such an important way for people to mend and see hope.

There is also this blessed, blessed man, Dennis Mukwege in Kongo Kinshasa, that has sacrificed everything to help the women, some very young, to heal and mend after being raped and badly scared by the soldiers . I have mentioned him before, he is now on a visit to Sweden, and several of us have wished for years that he would get one of the Nobel prizes, the peaceprize or that of medicine. Imagine what that million could do for the Panzihospital and perhaps more.

I claim doctor Mukweges right to earn that reward. He is a true angel of God, in the shape of an ordinary doctor. He has been threatened and scared and several deathsentences has been called upon his head. He said today that there have been many occassions where he have been tempted to give up, but after praying and seing those womans joy and strenght,  he has straitened up and got back to work. 
These are two signs of joy. Otherwise, there is not much to give praise for. Today I heard about Trump and the church he belongs to. The pastor there believes in success and preaches a God that holds his hand over those who are victorious and successful. The Trumps have been members of this particular church for a long time, it seems.
I can't help but thinking about the reformed church that made apartheid possible in South Africa and the churches and theologicans that lay the platform to the nazi politics in the 1930ties.  You can obviously pick out anything you need from your own distorted point of view, in the holy scriptures. Be it the Bible or the Koran. Apparently. I suppose that is nothing new, we saw the same tendensies during the ages of the crusades.
But the word of God can't be compromised that way, he is always the same.  We are the ones to turn with the wind and use whatever is fortunate for our own course or purpose. 
I believe in the churchbells, people where crying and praising by the sound of those bells, no heart could be more alive than those of the people that heard that sound. Standing in the ruins of what used to be home, they now dare to face the future.

The woman healed in the  Panziclinic and otherwise, have taken different kinds of action, not all of them have given a peaceful answer to the liberation, some are taken to arms.
But the joy and relief and above all, the sacrificing and absolutely unselfish love and courage that this doctor and his friends have achieved, is heaven sent. Fi foe the black Queen and the demons of darkness, may they creep back into the dungeons where they belong!!  The light of the world can't be conquered, it won't yield!!! 
Yesterday I celebrated a dear dear actress that has made such an impact on my life.

Today I celebrate the patterns and traces of a Kingdom in motion , growing by the second, glowing through people who carries the light within them, fearless and loving!!!

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  1. How good to hear the church bells ringing again. Those of us who live in countries where we are free to worship are blessed. Dr. Mukegwe does sound like an angel, and a brave man.

  2. May we all learn to look after those who have been so badly affected. Thank God for the church bells.

  3. What a beautiful post! I so agree with you.