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torsdag 23 juni 2016

In charge again!!

Dear friends!!
Midsommer is closing up and I will tell you all about it this weekend. The truth is that the charger to my computer got lost and I had to order a new one, probably from the equatorial africa since it was delivered after short of an eternity. But now I'm on again, it feels good actually.
While I was waiting the election of brexit and bremain has taken focus of the political arena.
The fact is that no one knows what will happend if the UK decides to leave the EU.
I can understand the need to make ones own decisions but we are in this together, no man is an island and no country stands isolated from others. If that was so, why bother at all??
I agree that there has been moments when I really truelly wondered why we should follow the decisions taken at Brussels when they so badly fit in to our way of thinking, but isn't that what it s all about??  The hardest lesson we learn is that of understanding other peoples ways of thinking.
If I take for granted that my way f thinking is the only possible way, where would that leave me?

Since the world is changing in quite a rapid way, we need to change with it, perhaps our solutions won't hold and then we have to look for others. Cooperation and genuine diplomacy does force us in to a corner, and we have to decide whether to bark and bite because that is what we do, or to back up and leave the arena allowing other voices to be heard.
I sit often with all these people who are called problems and are mentioned in figures and not by names. Very soon they become friends and not refugees, and we get involved in their lives and worries just as we would any other neighbour.
Lets face it: they are just like us!   In the 1700th century, swedish people abandoned driedout lands and povetystriken areas, selling all they had for a ticket to America. Some survived and got a good life overthere, some didn't. We had no war or threats to face, but starvation was close at hand.
Britain needs its own voice and  their own decisions and some, I hear, are afraid of what this  vast amount of immigrants will do to the country.
As we speak, there is a ferry being anchored up north in Sweden, close to a village with some 300 inhabitants and 150 newcommers. They have been working around the clock to make this work.
When the authorities now want's this boat with 1800 refugees to anchor in their village they say:
Well, we already are involved deeply with the 150 that arrived last years, and can we manage so many moore?
On the other hand, they say, maybe this will bring us the petrolstation, the school, the library that we need. You see, they say, it's a great pleasure with these people, but we ARE tired!!

The world is collapsing, it seemes. We have to slow down and listen to the reasons of the heart, what the good Lord is telling us, being in the middle of crisis that craves our attention.
I wish my british friends the best of luck and above all: go to the votingcentres with your hearts right open and your minds set on "love thy neighbour". I only know that the brexitchoice will implore pressure upon the other members, Sweden included. No one really has a clue, it is indeed untouched ground.
Now we are heading for Midsummer, one of the greatest holidays in Sweden, known for a solid amount of herring and vodka in all shapes.I promise to add some very spectacular pictures here this weekend, so my non-swedish readers will get a fair chance to learn the ancient, swedish traditions!!

As I was missing from this site, many of things escaped my attention . I will just pop in and hope you haven't forgotten all about me. Pictures will be taken, videos with any luck.

More important is that the confirmationservice will be held on sunday and the 28 youngsters are getting quite excited!!

 We will dance and sing on Midsummereve and make serious attemps on being serious about midsummers message: Gods creation!! The issue however, on this sunday, is John the baptist. Now, how popular can you bee, being visible just when needed, being a nuisance to many when preaching?

Thank you all for being suck a sturdy lot, letting things take its time.
I'll be back with some serious halfwayyear - thinking.
God bless!!

Best wishes and blessings to uou all

6 kommentarer:

  1. Firstly Happy Mid-Summer to you and yours. Over here 23rd June is S.John's Eve a time of bonfires or actually as it was known long ago as the bone-fires the ashes next morning were scattered on the fields to promote growth.

    I hope that the UK will come to their senses and stay within the EU, for we are as yet a young family and like any family we do not always agree with each other and there is room for that.
    Room to discuss and find a common agreement to build a unity of trust takes a long time. We have lots of time!

  2. Yes dear Heron, as far as we know it we have lots of time.
    That was nicely put , we are as yet a young family, how true!! Interesting to know about St John and the bonfires, traditions travel far and change , sometimes into something completely
    different. Today awaits strawberrycake in the neighbours garden and then dancing around the maypole together with villagers and summerguests and, I should think, astonished newcommers. Happy Mid-Summer to you also!!

  3. What a sensible, comforting post in the light of the fact that this morning we learn that our country has voted to leave the EU. Thank you for these words - and best wishes to you.

    1. Thank you Weaver!
      Yes we heard it and everything came to a halt here. Nobody has a clue what lies ahead now, we can only hope that the outcome will create willowfences and not brickwalls...

  4. Came to you via Weaver!
    Hoping all goes well with your summer in Sweden.
    I'm just terribly sad today.
    I'm a British ex-pat living in the US and want to apologies for George Bush destabilizing the middle east and causing all these poor people to have to leave their homes.... and seek refuge wherever they can. My mother was a refugee post WW2 and ended up in London where she was taken care of.
    All best wishes.

    1. Welcome Elizabeth!!!
      Yes, this is sad indeed and still we have to deal with it. I too know many that came to Sweden during WW2 and have shared their story. But its not only about this, I hope, perhaps there is one or two things in the EU politics that could be made better and easier. I will soon pay your blog a visit, I love to see new faces!!!
      Good summer and all the blessings!!!