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måndag 21 november 2016

Where there used to be life

A very good night to you!!

I thought I'd just wanted to share something that has nothing whatsoever to do with Trump, Erdogan, french election or climatechange.
I wrote a shortstory called House abandoned, in my other blog. That blog is gaining a bit, you have been visiting, thank you!! It's mostly fiction but in that blog but the truth is very close at hand.  Anyhow, I have now visitors from all over, like Singapore and such a delight that is!!

Now for the subject, speaking of abandoned houses, yes, I also wrote a post here, called Empty room. I have a soft spot for old houses, especially empty ones. I grew up in the city and when a house was empty, they tore it down. Often very violently and with great thunder and dustclouds. A treat for us children.  But as I know live in the countryside, old houses stay put long after they are abandoned, the owner moves out or dies and there is no one to take over or even sell it. No one to pay for the destruction so there it stands.  I am sure you can tell me one or two things about that in your own neigbourhood, be it Trelawnyd or Dalamory or a dale in Yorkshire! Or Nice. Or Prague. How has things changed??
Here, we have a county consisting of several small villages and a community that is the place where our local politicians are housed, it's the town with one trafficlight, you remember I said that, Chris?
I get around quite a lot and see many traces of life that used to be. Abandoned schools, closed shops, plain little cottages that used to be filled with a family of twelve and so on.
When I went to pick up my car from the mechanic, I passed this:

Alright, you say, she's gone all barmy.  Gateposts. So?  Well you see, these are not just gateposts, this is where the school used to be!! This village is today so small that it's hard to believe its former greatness, but once, you see, once it was alive and flourishing . But it isn't emptied,many live here!!! When the school was torn down, yes it actually was, auntie Svea started to collect the brickstones, washed them, tied a ribbon around and a note and handed them out to people so that the school would not be forgotten!! She did the same when the small railway was taken away, took the large nails, polished them and gave them as presents to people.  What a cultural deed from  Svea, who was the wife of a much beloved churchmusician and choirleader here.

One of the bricks, and a key, is stored in church!

And this??? Well of course , it's a grocery store!! Millbournes grocery store!! It wasn't even the only one, most villages had two or three and bakeries and buthchers. Today there is nothing in most of the villages. What can you tell about your villages??
Beside this old shop there is an old chapel or Missionary house as we call them. Used to be very much alive along with the two or three others in every village. Today it's owned by a local Harley Davidson club called.......The Heathens. It's no joke!  I didn't take any picture of that......
Next post will be about the coming season, Advent. But please, do tell me some stories about what used to be where you live. 

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  1. Svea sounds an innovative and lovely person - an idea for preservation and memory that deserves to be passed on. 20 years ago I went back to find my primary school which I attended in the 40's and 50's. It was still there but it looked much smaller, except for the large end brick wall. It was significant to me because I used to play 2-balls against it for hours! Blessings from Dalamory

    1. Hello Freda!!
      Yes, our local history is very often preserved by these enthusiastic men and women in our midst that we perhaps don't really notice. Funny how things seem to grow small when we return, I agree totally to that. Thank you for that warmhearted comment!!!

  2. I love that there are those that save our histories for us. Thank you for this wonderful post!


    1. I agree with you Linda!! In our church archives we have loads of treasures that kind and eager parishoners have collected, pictures, newsclips, letters and old schoolbooks and songbooks. We would be lost without our history.