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fredag 20 januari 2017

And there he is!!

This december we went to Stockholm to see the Tatinof with the english Youtubers Dan and Phil. My oldest, the greatest fan you can imagine, keep saying to me:
"I can't believe it really happend,mum, I can't believe they really stood there, within my reach.
Imagine that I saw that, I was there, it really happend!!!!"

Well, after those 35 words, after that hug, after that speach, I put my words in the same fashion, but the feeling is VERY DIFFERENT. I can't believe that this happend. That he was actually standing there, saying what he said, promising those things, waving that fist.
Is that greatness? Is that the promise of a brighter future?  What makes a person great? I can't hold my head clear, my heart is aching and praying is more important than ever and I admit;
I don't hold the answers but other people actually try to bring us them:
I chose to bring you two swedish films  that can be of some comfort, not just because of DT, there are plenty of leaders to worry about right now......If you need to be encouraged, please read about those films on my other blog , Novels and true stories.   
Goodnight, friends, God bless America and us all.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Whatever you say about him he knows what he wants for his country which is more than you can say for the dysfunctional eu club.

  2. Well, let us hope that he can combine that fierce attitude with some sensible decisions. And about Eu, the intention was originally good as far as I have understood it, but yes, it has it's flaws . As does most things that are either too large to handle or too complex to grip.