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fredag 6 januari 2017

The road is suitable for skaters and ducks

Good evening, this the 6th of january, celebrating the arrival of the three wise men, three kings or the astronomers.  Caspar, Melchior, Balthazar .
Surface and depths are present all over, even in us!!
Celebrating the meeting when the child is seen for who he really is. Surface gone, depths revealed!!!
Meetings are important to us, indeed. Some meetings leaves us untouched and some don't.
To some meetings we come prepared but not for some.
Some meetings leaves us in the dark and some makes us understand one or two things .
Sometimes the meeting leaves us in bitterness when we realize the true nature of the one we met, sometimes, often enough its the opposite and we leave with a bright feeling inside.
The meeting with the holy child can take place any time and any place , when we read about it today we may think we are met with yet another fairytale but the truth of it is soo much larger than our imagination. What if Herod actually had dared the meeting? The only thing he now met was his own greed and fears.  The wise men went home much richer, Herod was left in souldeep poverty.   In church today we celebrated with lights and singing and the christening of a small girl called Ines. Later today I went to one of our chapels and celebrated with the small crowd there. That particular community celebrates 130 years this year!!! The songs we sang there are just as old.

Hereby I declare Winter. As far as it goes that is, snow is still nonexistent in our parts!!
This is actually the same field where the major tent has its place during the Jazzfestivals, now a world of ice.
No chance to reach your house...

Another meeting that has taken place in our part of the world was that with winter and water.

Temperature was dropping quickly and the wind was amounting to top speed.
This is a coastal are, the coastline and the harbours lining up from east to west, are somewhat vunerable and so several parts of several towns have been waterfilled right up to those streets called f.i Harbourstreet or Beachalley. Cars, trolleys and bikes found themselves drowned in water, people couldn't reach their parkinglots and in many cases, their own gardens. And then arrived mr Frost.
My collegue came home from a small trip to his daughter down south, and couldn't park, he would have needed a boat. It was a road suitable for ducks, as was the surrounding garden and the common walkingsite.  Today, come 11 degrees celcius, we have gardens, roads and smaller parkareas suitable for skaters instead. TV broadcasted watercovered roads with ducks peacefully swimming across the highway .  Winter came in a different manner, no snow but OH the ice!!
A couple of days ago the beach was grey and the temperature around 10 celcius.
And so the water rushed up and froze where we usually walk in peace...

Here is that very same beach a couple of days later, read;today, -13 degrees celcius and icicles covering the pebbles and the seaweed.
I just heard on the radio that a smaller town south of us are without centralheating and electricity has been gone for hours, about 14000 households .
Still, we have people sleeping on parkinglots and under bridges tonight, some of them may not survive. The families we know of went back home when the cold came, thank God, but there are still people out there . I pray they will have shelter.
God bless all of you, may your meetings be joyous and warm!!!

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  1. All the decorations are down but my nativity scene is still up due to Epiphany.I shall take it down this evening or tomorrow as I prepare to return to work. Your weather looks cold but beautiful, we seem to have come to the end of our cold snap here and I don't even have the heating on today.

  2. Hello Suem! Yes, the weather was that great for one day, next day, after Epiphany, it dropped to minus 1 and the snow started falling and the mist rolled in. We still have decorations up, in Sweden we have a tradition around the 20th day, 13th of january. This day the tree is thrown out . It used to be a time for parties and ballroom dancing, those days are gone. So we keep the nativity scene along with the tree until then. So glad to hear from you, take care!

  3. Your area looks cold but oh so beautiful! It's nasty here again, but for a spell I had some sun...I always do so much better in sun.


  4. Yes, we live in a very nice area indeed. Today the blizzard hit us and there we went again with several car accidents, roofs flying off and trees falling. It turned in to rain later on so now the beautiful part is gone for a while. I saw your pictures, Linda, the sun the sun!!! I'm dreaming of a white Christmas but the remaining part of the year I would gladly spend somewhere warm, or at least october - march!!! I expect summers can be just as hot as your winters can be fierce and cold?!
    Give Boomer a hug from me! Thank you for dropping in!!