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onsdag 19 april 2017

Happy Eastmas or Merry Christer??

Here is spring for you!!
We are celebrating Easter and the victory and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!
You see the flowerpot and the garden chairs!! Used just a couple of days ago in the warm sun....
Usually we do that in the amazing and hot springtime with flowers abloom all over, and the grass growing. That was the case until this saturday when the snow came....almost 3 inches at the most, we in the southern parts of the county had about 1,6 inches but that was quite sufficient.

A solitary fishingboat lies in the shallow water when we walk by monday evening

Painted eggshells anyone?
The girls creations assorted!
 Temperature dropped and this morning there was a thick layer of ice on the windscreen. Yesterday me and my colleague payed the neighbouring parish a visit with a bundle of songs for one of their gatherings. Snow absolutely filled the air for hours but this time just airborne. It was a bit strange to sing about springtime and easter with that view outside the windows.
Easter services have been very serene and nice, churchchoir on some, violin on some, solo on some and then Sunday with 12 of the children from our younger choirs, entering the church with the cross and hands filled with daffodils . Afterwards everyone got a flower to take home. We celebrated in both our churches and also in the chapel on the island in our parish.

The songs of Easter are so beautiful, church choir only sang on Good Friday so Ave Verum by Edward Elgar was one. Here sung by a brittish choir, St James's perhaps?

Here is one for Easter Sunday, and the lead singer here, Lena-Maria, is one of our most devoted Footpainters, she is a great inspiration for the Foot and Mouth painters in Sweden and the rest of us for that matter. The lyrics is: Your hands are full of flowers, whom were they meant for? They were meant for the tomb of Christ, but the tomb was empty and he wasn't there!!! Hallelujah!!

My husband made this flower arrangement for Easter this year. What say you about this, John?

Easter is the Lords answer to mans eternal questions and fears concerning death and evil. So much happening, like the poisin gas attack that Assad actually denies and the acid attacks on young women in India and Pakistan. We are hoping for mercy and understanding, we are hoping for the dehumanizing thinking to stop, we are praying for an awakening among those with the power to take lives and keep people in fear.  Still the darkness is heavy , still hope is hard to keep strong,  still we have tough days ahead, we are going to need all the faith, all the courage and be convinced that as long as we keep the truth in the dark we won't get anywhere . Truth hurts but will be healed as soon as it's revealed willingly.
Change always starts within and it has to start somewhere, like Michael Jackson sung: "I'm starting with me" .
But our real hope doesn't lie in our own ability to better ourselves, it lies in the mercy and grace of the Saviour.  Easter brings the message, the Gospel  of Gods open arms towards his bewildered and lost children.  We are not lost and forgotten, we are saved and forgiven. We can start changing without fear .
So Happy Easter, everyone, whether you are strong in faith or not a believer at all. I hope that when we meet, the light of Easter will shine through in everything we say and do. No cold hearts. We are all part of one and the same human race and can't afford to argue about details.  The world is hurting and there is much to do.
It's springtime, growingtime, plantingtime, prayingtime and singingtime!!

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  1. Yesterday thousands trapped in blizzard in cars and trucks on motorway for up to 8 hours near Vienna given hot drinks and blankets by Red Cross. Some taken to shelters.

    Yesterday we went to see concert Hungarian pianist Sir Andras Schiff playing Beethoven in a nice warm room.

    I dare say listening to Beethoven at this level has a spiritual dimension.

  2. Listening to Beethoven has spiritual dimension at any level actually. Well, almost. What did he play? The Kaiserconcert is one favourite. And oh dear what rotten conditions you've had!!! This is indeed a strange spring. Thank God for the Red Cross!!
    I take it you stay indoors for the moment,Gwil?

    1. Thanks for the comment at zen.

      Today is a lovely day, the calm after the storm, and at midday I went running in the Vienna Woods. I saw many broken branches littering the paths and some trees uprooted, had to climb over a few obstacles and creep carefully under or around others. The snow is melting and many of the paths were basically turned to streams. Two hours of wet and muddy feet but good training for the soul and the heart. Might go and watch the Vienna Marathon on Sunday as my next scheduled run is not until Monday.

      It was a trio of concerts for piano and cello. My favourite Beethoven works are the piano and orchestra concerts with Alfred Brendel on the piano.