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måndag 8 maj 2017

The political pastry?? The rhye of faith?


The willowtree knows nothing of standard , it is like us, generous in it's growth and majestic in it's own way.  We let the tree differ in shape, why not humans?

Of the  elections and referendums going on in the world right now, I really don't understand so much. Harry S Truman said this once: "A great leader is one that makes people do what they don't want, and like it". If that is true, anything can happend when a leader becomes great or at least get the most votes. History have deep scares to proove it.

In some countries however, getting the most votes doesn't seem to have anything to do with what the people want. Especially not if "loving the leader" is a written rule.

Where the leader f.i needs to be addressed "Supreme Leader, the great creator of world peace" I at least feel a bit uneasy. Just to invite such a person for a snack must take an eternity if the time has to be discussed, titles used with every new option.
Turkey had an election and they say it went well, for Erdogan at least. What his supreme leadership means to the people and the current political situation is yet to be seen, but I fear we might need to be praying for them. All leaders need prayers.

Political spring is one thing, the brilliant springing of leafs is another.

And so we followed Macron to the office, I was under the impression that macron was a pastry, but I could be wrong, no offence sir!  The other option looked like a pastry but acted like something less sweet.

The french people have suffered greatly, I can understand the frustration.  But would it really be wise to close the borders and stop cooperation between nations?  Especially in such dark times. Is has never been successful as far as I know.

                                   In Sweden we have a saying: "Your best helper is yourself"     That is off course the same kind of jibberish as " Alone stands strong".  Macron look strong enough, but needs friends and know it. And friends can come from surprising directions. We'll pray for that. And for every single person who suffers from the violence.

So the leader that can make people do what they don't want and like it, who is that person?
Hopefully that person can be prophetical and see the need before everyone else and lead on towards a goal that needs actions most are reluctant to take.  
If that leader really is wise and good, people can actually listen and go ahead and do what they didn't believe in at first and find out it was in the nick of time.  The gospel works that way, since we are all selfish creatures, we don't really want to sacrifice ourselves for others, but he makes us do it and like it,  love is the most forceful and forceless power in the world. We do it because Jesus did and because he makes it possible. That is great leadership. And no strings attached.
No court marshal if you don't obey. The change for the better starts within me.  Slowly.
One of the doorways to S:t Nicholas!!

Politically however, it seem to take an eternity.  We say over and over; never again, now we have learned our lesson"  . No we haven't. War is still going on, small and big. Starvation is still a problem, overconsuming a problem in the other end of the line, the environmental challenge is bigger than ever,  new ways of destroying creation for short term gain, is ever growing.

We still judge people by their value, and value is set differently in every context. We still divide people in to those who belong and those who don't, those who count and those who don't.

 But things can and do change and light can be found, hope is glowing and faith is growing because the force of Love,  makes people do what they don't want and like it. We are created to do good and when we start doing it against our will, we find that we like it and wish to continue.  We are not meassured in terms of useful or useless, we are not valued for what we can achieve, anyone can make a change, everyone counts.  We have to realize life is more in need of rhye than pastry, and it takes more effort than leisure.
Yes, I am preaching and yes, Christians can be coldhearted and turn their backs just as anyone, but Christ can't.
Christians are not the answer to the problems in this world, the evil, the despair, the lack of hope, but I believe that Christ is .  And every day I hope that some of that truth can be visible through us and at least not the opposite...... and welcome every person who finds the strenght to spread hope, light and comfort, and so many do,  and when they do, let no one go questioning if their faith or political colour is correct, we need all human efforts, because being a human is the greatest thing you can be . 
You can even find hope in the fact that they built this hotel for swallows in Torsö ,by the sea.

Another thing that gives me hope are the posts, the pictures, the comments and the sharing of wisdom, happiness, sorrow, daily efforts or just beauty and tranquility that takes place daily among you, my newfound blogfriends. I know very well we don't think or believe alike always, but life has improved a lot since I discovered all of you. Thank you!!

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  1. Enjoy each day and make the most of it.

    1. Yes, I agree, I only use more Words to get to that Point. Every day carry new hope and new possibilities! Thank you for your comment, Rachel.

  2. Macron is a Juncker clone in the making. Have to dash. Will read more later.

    We have some polar weather today §:(

    1. Oh well, we´ll hope for a bright future anyway. And we still remove ice from the windscreens in the morning!

    2. Individuality is a great thing. We are all creative individuals if we are allowed to be. Unfortunately there are those in positions of power throughout the world who would destroy individuality and have everybody be the same, just like a shop with apples that are all the same size and tasteless.

      Long live the square pegs in the round holes!

    3. God made us all unique so there is a lot of individuality going on, Gwil!! That is probably why it's so difficult to keep humanity together and also why it's so important to unite where it is possible; in our value as human beings, same for everyone! From that point creativity can bloom.


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  4. Truth and love seems to be what binds us all together, right Melvyn?? I love this, so easy and still so difficult. Thank you, wise druid!