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lördag 10 juni 2017

The lark ascending - music to make you lighthearted

Just wanted to cheer my british friends up and let you all take part of something really wonderful.  This is "The lark ascending" by Ralph Vaughn Williams.
Since I compose a bit myself, I find great pleasure discovering new music and this I heard the other day, feeling gloomy about Brexit, Trump and personal matters.
When such music is possible , how great will not the heavenly choirs be like? I wonder.
So if you found time to plough yourself through my last post, maybe this one will fill your heart with light and blessings!

4 kommentarer:

  1. It's a lovely piece. Thank heaven for the larks.

    1. Yes, it is beautiful piece of music. And the lark is a really pleasant bird, swift and joyful!!

  2. I stopped listening to the news...I only want joy in my life. So thank you for this.

  3. We need this Linda, so that we actually CAN continue to listen to the news. You have joy in your life, that is why you care.
    But every time we have a chance we must enjoy life when it comes to us, otherwise we will slowly sink into believing that all is lost. And it's not!