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torsdag 24 augusti 2017

Daring to breathe!!

Late summer greetings to you all!!

Summer evenings are more quiet now, a bit more chilly too.
I know I haven't been really active lately, not here in the blogosphere anyway.  In every other aspect I have kept myself extremly busy.  As you may have noticed I have tried a new thing:

Comment moderation.    I started to get some strange comments and also visitors from a sight I now know have commercial settings, so I thought I'd try this. In this post I will add some nice views of the slowly changing world of late summer, as well as an important message.

Last week I had the strangest visitor scale, 47 from South Korea!!! That was really unexpected and very nice also, I've had visitors from Vietnam, Indonesia and Kambodja too. Every time someone new come to visit, I really hope there will be a comment, but mostly there is none. 

Some of you have loads of visitors and loads of comments, but you are on the other hand very very active and good at keeping things up with new, interesting posts almost every day.
In the beginning, I wrote one post every day, after the surgery and while I was at home, mending.  Lately, like the last 6 months or so, more perhaps, I have been slow in writing and slow in visiting and commenting this precious bunch of people I have come across, I am sorry for this, really!!!
I am not sure this will improve much in the months to come, but I will try. I'm extremly tired and the one thing holding is up is the conviction that we are not abandoned and never was, the Lord has kept us safe and shared everything with us.  Good friends have been supportive, although we have been absent socially. I'll try to explain.

This past year and a half has been rather harsh for us. One of our beautiful and lovely girls is autistic and it became more and more obvious that school couldn't support her enough. On top of that, you know how children and teenagers can be, rather mean when someone is different. That goes for adults as well, actually.  Turning teenager and moving up to higher grades and new, much bigger school with less help, was too much.  In short, she stayed home. Since october last year.

I'm not going to say anything about how life has been, but this week she started anew.  New school, new town, new thinking around children with diagnose and a lot of support, space, time and focus in a quiet, lovely setting.  Now she can catch up and go forward. She is an intelligent and creative person, she only needs someone that understand her slightly different way of approaching and understanding things. We hold our breath, pray hard and hope strongly that this school will be right for her. We are grateful that it even exist schools of this kind, Sweden has all too few, better off in both UK and USA . 
I must strongly emphasise this:  People with a diagnose or disorder of some kind, need to be taken seriously. We keep hearing about the lack of money and resources, that we must make do with what we can get. True. The world is starving , people are dying every second, war and terror needs attention. But letting every child fulfill his och her potential can eventually turn this negative rush into something better. Wherever they are born!

Summerguests have left and there is room for a quiet pike fishing tour!!

I believe that a person who is met with respect and love will grow and shine and contribute to family, friends and society. Asking teachers what it takes to give these children the help they need they say that all it takes is knowledge, patience, love and time. And support for the family.

This last sunday the topic was Jesus taking a child as an example. He is not only speaking of children, he is speaking of the focus and loves goal: get strong by allowing weakness, see to the weak first and love will grow stronger than evil.  Gods perspective goes from weak to strong, Jesus does his battle the hard way, and by doing so, there is hope for the small and weak, the sinners, like me, and the outcasts.  The reward that is hidden in doing good sometimes stays hidden for a long time, but it will flourish and the Kingdom will come.  Not always will we see if the good deed payed off, but it always does .  
The world today needs so much love and so much faith, so many tokens of grace and mercy, so many unexpected acts of goodness.  These actions comes from all over, from believers and nonbelievers, people of other religions. What binds this together is Gods will to show what love does to us when we live it, and that love starts from Him and Him alone. But we can reflect it.

So, children like our daughter,  or any person that needs just a little more support than the next, must be given a chance to make a difference too, with the skills and abilities unique for every person. When the big question is based on terror , our answer must be love and faith.
And so I close here, daughter came home and had things to tell us!   God bless you!
Apples are growing, soon they will be ready for harvest!!!!

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  1. Hi Fairtrader
    I am Hillybean from the UK. I don't often comment on blogs but I am making a special effort for you!
    I am also in my fifties and have a son with Cerebral Palsy who lives at home. Life is very stressful as you can imagine. I have enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the good work. Best wishes to you.

  2. Thank you, Hillybean, I appreciate your comment very much.
    There is much to gain in sharing some things with those who actually understands. Our girl has her disorder but without any developmental disabilities. That puts her in an inbetween situation, not obvious why she needs help ,some people say.... I hope that you and your son have the blessings of understanding from others and that you, like us, can have faith in the fact that we are not alone.
    I wish you patience, love and light and good days to overcome the darker ones!!! And that your son will grow in to his abilities, being proud of who he is, loved and safe. Best wishes back to you!!!

  3. I think you are very wise to moderate your blog Solvieg for then you can keep it clean and free from 'cobwebs etc !'

    As for how often or frequent each blogger writes then for myself: I adopt something I learnt from the Franciscans (they being almost druids) Who say's basically 'we must never over pressure our conscience by giving too little or taking on too much' So I publish a blog when I feel like doing so and do not let it become a habit :-)

    Young people are only the same as older people, for at times we all need to be treated differently and according to our needs.
    Ha' here endeth the lugnasadh harvest lesson!

    1. Dearest Heron!! I think I will soon have to add some of the local lingo from our parts. That was well put. Fransiscans are right, you can overdo and underdo most things, and mostly we do the former because of others and the latter because of lack of focus and strenght. Right now I tend to underdo, I have not much resources left so a retreat in some nice covenant would be welcome!!!

  4. A group of parents (usually the mothers) have a meeting in our church once a month. Their children vary in age and in the type of Autism so their needs are all very different.
    It allows the parents to hear how others cope with their children's problems and lets them feel less alone.
    There is a reasonable amount of help to be had in the UK, but sometimes contact with others going through the same hard times is of more use.
    Bless you and your daughter who I hope will find something which meets her needs in this new school.

    1. Dear Ray, thank you for your concern!
      Yes, the help you can get certainly vary and I think they do what they can, only its often not enough. The new school will be fine, its just that her anxiety is very high, change is always a worry for these children. She is positive however and therefor hope is present. Right now we just pray that we can keep her spirits up, we are rather tired after all this time, that's for certain!!

  5. As a parent of a son who was statemented for special needs at school, I appreciate it is frustrating and upsetting when schools are not meeting their needs (a situation we battled against at one point.) I hope the new school is everything you hoped for.

    1. Dear Suem! How has things been for your son since school? We hope that this school will change things for our daughter, she is 14, and that Life will be brighter and more hopeful for her. Thank you for this comment!!