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måndag 11 september 2017

Autumn is my time

As I am sitting here writing, youngest daughter is getting ready for school.
She is late, everything is on the edge but she is working on it.
I am told to keep out of the way and be quiet, so I am,  and she made it!
I can remember my own schooldays, the fears, the bullying, the comments and the groups of people, belonging for some reason, and others, not belonging, for some other reason.  

In her new school, there is no mention of such, so we can hopefully meet autumn with ease and peace.
Plums are gone, apples are calling!!

So, now what? I have a couple of hours before I'm heading for a meeting. Laundry?
Catching up with the news about the hurricane? I hope to God that you are out of that region and praying for all those who are not!
There is so much to carry in prayer right now, only Father himself can keep track. One does feel very small in front of all these disasters and trust must be built up again. Trust in the good will, the helping hand, the mercy and love. Trust also that we are not alone.

Last week, I had to say a heartbreaking goodbye to one of the young men that came here almost three years ago. He has become a good friend and converted while being here, I baptized him this summer. But Migration turned him down and now he is back in unsafety and fear, on his own.  Swedish migration is turning and tossing, one month giving one answer, the next one another. Most unclear seem to be the situation in Afghanistan. I say the situation is directly lethal for the lonecommers. Sending these young people back, often orphants or with heavily diminished family ties, is sending them in the arms of warfare. 

They are scared off their wits some of them, this is very hard. And we can't help all, more are coming , some are not honest, some have hidden agendas, there are riots and attacks daily, without firm support and a thourough education in rules and social patterns, and lots of time to talk and cry, they go heywire. 15 randomly chosen teenage boys in a house, waiting waiting, sometimes given place in school, sometimes not, it's nothing I complain about, just wishing it could be different. Many of them work hard to fit in, get grades, make friends. Many find their way to church.
But now he is gone, my dear friend and I hope to see him again. Several of our volonteers where there, floods of tears were shed. 

Oliver had many keen visitors, I wonder what they talked about?
And last, what else is typical of this season? Yup, markets!! We went to one in a village some ten miles from here. Its an applecounty, and they also grow barley and brew beer.
We weren't prepared for the thick clay and chose wrong shoes....but here are some pictures.
Along with the market, the local church was of course present, you could watch a childrens performance, some local singing talents, some award being given to a local apple producer, eat spicy pork with fried apples, applepie, chocolate wheel, you name it!! And Oh, the WASPS!!!!!!!

About 150 tents, with everything than be grown, jammed, mustered or made into cheese and sausages. Bread and pastry, knittings, carved knifes and a great amount of baskets.
They still make these....

Wintertime its a skiing facility!!

Olivers behind showed his working tools

And so we got home again with a basket full of goodies and a sunny day to remember.

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  1. I hope your Autumn continues to develop well and your home life is smooth and free of problems Rachel xxx

    1. Thank you Rachel. When and if they do I will go back to more normal procedures, such as having time to check up on my friends here!!

  2. Are those things hanging from the handle of the basket 'Good luck charms' ?

  3. Are those things hanging from the handle of the basket 'Good luck charms' ?

    1. Hahaha, that is the price tag and producers name!!!
      You are just envious of that delicious content, aren't you?? Thank you, I needed a laugh this morning!!

  4. Yes of course I am dear Solveig and thanks for engaging with my sense of humour :-) x

  5. I love your artwork and follow you pots this very minute!

    1. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  6. Fascinating Solveig, but I am puzzled. Who or what is Oliver, and is he yours?

    1. Haha!! I wish he was! Its the name of that old green tractor they parked on the field for old farmers to study,they go all goofy about old Tools and so. A couple of weeks ago we had the last of many nostalgia festivals, all through summer they appear, with cars, bicycles, Tools, toys, newspapers, carriages, all of it. All from a Century ago or more. This Little Oliver must have been a sturdy one and well kept, all colours still on!!

  7. Thanks for clearing that one up. He is rather nice I must say, though my preference is for steam engines.

  8. Yes he is rather nice, one of my confirmation students in church used to come to church in a red tractor, he used it for school as well. But this one was even smaller, quite cute that Oliver. And I agree Ray, steemengines are the best, that is why I keep taking pictures of the one at Harry Pottter studios. We have some railwaylines in Sweden, mostly used in summertime. Sooo nice!!!