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fredag 12 januari 2018

Breaking Hiatus? Not really.

Dear friends in the blogosphere!!

I have been away for some months now and it was of great need.  I have missed you all and the relatable and fascinating posts you make.
Life turned into misery for us, and so I thought I didnt have the strenght to follow up with reading and comments . As you know, I have my faith and rely on it, but even if I also find my friends here very supportive and openminded, I just had to leave.
During autumn and this strange season called winter ( you cant  sleighride on puddles can you!)
weve experienced one of the worst periods ever. Its been important for me to create new reasons for spending time with my girls, since teenagers tend to retreat in troublesome times.
Also my husband and I try to find time to breathe, walking miles as often as possible.
We are beginning to see light in the tunnel!!!
So dont worry, we are not burdened beyond capacity.

Now for something else!  I am taking up another position, earlier in autumn I applied for job in the post college school we have some miles from here. I dont know if that concept is familiar to you, but its a school where you catch up with your studies, upgrade where you failed, try something new.
There is also shorter and longer courses for seniors. Language for the newcommers.  Specially featured classes for people with social disorders and other handicap.
To this kind of school there is often a chaplain to go with the school chapel. So the chaplainship and the teaching will be my new life. Church of Sweden arrange some shorter weekend class for volonteers, these will be my responsibility . 
This means meeting a constant flow of people, mostly younger but also seniors.
I felt it time for a change since there was things in life that didnt seem changeable right now. Change what you can, wait for the rest.  Ive longed to teach for years, now the opening was there.

They asked if I was use to comunicating via internet. If I could imagine having teachings, conversations and councelling that way also.
It was a new thought. But this autumn I have as I said spent more time with my girls and in order to do that I joined an internet community where they both spend much time. That world have been closed to me, apart from this blog, and Ive been very unsupportive and non-understanding.

Two things emerged from this experience:
We have lots of things to talk about and debate on , common interests and experience.
Second, I have had the opportunity to make contact with young people all over the world.
Being older, a parent in their midst, they have been a little awkvard at first, but now I have a constant flow of chats going on. I read their blogs and comment on things I find interesting or alarming.
They dont know that I am a minister, but they still come for private chats, seeking help and advice.
I have learned so much about how young people think, act, speak, interact and express themselves.
I have learned to be more creative since many of them also share their skills in editing and painting.

Some of you were a bit troubled by my Korean blog earlier this autumn. I kept thinking that I ought to be troubled too, but then it dawned on me:
Sharing this with my girls and challenging myself to meet teenagers and young adults on internet, have actually become my great advantage! I didnt know this summer that I would be teaching this spring. But the Lord knew and prepared me for it.  Its not idle time, its tough getting through sometimes and with quite a few I have very deep conversations around faith, bible and God.

We just have to face the fact that many people withdraw from actual contact with others, partly or totally. The school where I will now work, is a place for these. Many come here with social anxiety, bad experience from school, work or social life. Their time in this school will let them grow and mature, develop new skills and hopefully be ready to take on life in a brighter mood.

I know, she takes a hiatus from her blog in order to be more active on internet???? Aha.......?
Not quite, but partly true.
As soon as I have established myself on the school and eased down a bit, I will probably be back more often. Maybe not very active, but still here.
I wish for you a blessed and bright start of this new year.  So much to bring despair, even more to bring hope. The Lord is present in everything we do and if its in our hearts to do something we believe deeply in, he will bless it. Nothing is outside of his care.

This summer water was running critically low, as you can see, the streams are now filled!!

14 kommentarer:

  1. It's good to be around younger people sometimes. They are most often inspiring and energizing. The worst thing to do is to become a fossil. You are on your right path. I wish you well.

    1. Thank you, Gwil!
      Well, I havent experienced any fossils here as yet, but there is always that option!
      I needed a change, and this kind of school is good for people. I think it will be good for me as well.

    2. I saw something on YouTube recently about the Swedish government sending out a notice or a letter to all Swedes about what to do if there's a war or a terrorist attack. I'm alarmed at this news. It's not normal is it? I've never had such a letter and I'm over 70.

    3. As far as I know we havent been sent anything like that, but there is a lot of talk about storage and the ministers are out checking aircrafts and weaponry all around our militarybases. I f we do get a letter like that, I will gladly tell you the contents.
      We are not currently speaking about Russia or Putin, but the simple civilian is not the first to know about the goings on, is he? You are on the alert, Gwil, thats a good thing.

  2. Good luck in your new job. There is much unanswered in this blog post but whatever your reasons for moving on I wish you all the best. The time sounds like it is right for the change.

    1. Ah, dear Rachel!
      I know you find my ramblings somewhat odd, but I assure you, Im not lost. The reasons unanswered will remain so for a while but honestly, I have been thinking about leaving for a long time. I love my parish and colleagues but there is something tired and bleak spreading. I need to change views and try my wings in a new surrounding, or I will probably fall.
      I have also learned that looking for Gods guidance and signs can make you give up hope. Instead I think that doing something you long for and feel strongly about, can be blessed also. I do see signs though, there have been many of those. The path was very suddenly cleared and I took it!
      I will be an ordinary parishioner and stay in the church choir, going to sunday mass. In school I will celebrate mass, I will teach, have council and prayer meetings and enjoy many many colleagues, and people of all ages every day in one place!!! I am happy that I have your support, Rachel, and I will try to come back here, but not yet.

  3. Great to see you back in the blogging world Solveig.
    Your new job looks like it will be both challenging and rewarding; so as my late mother would say "Live and Learn"
    and the very best of luck to you.

    1. Thank you, Melvyn!
      I am a little nervous, but they did say yes to me although I lack the proper education on this!! Ive been to the school once or twice to hold lectures, but that is different. Once I have started properly and things are getting normal ( if ever) I will start writing more.
      Live and learn, yes, that is the best philosophy!!

  4. I sincerely wish you much success in your new endeavor. I too believe that our God is in everything and I count on that through the days of darkness that seemingly never end. He pulls me through, as He will you. Blessings to you and family. I look forward to your blogs when you are able to share.

    1. Thank you so much, Bonnie!
      Yes, we can really experience that presence when we need it, and sooner or later I will see the light again, as I hope you also will. Blessings back to you and my love to Aslan.

  5. Change and pilgrimage are biblical, so I hope and pray you are renewed in your new life. Every Blessing from Freda at Dalamory

  6. Thank you Freda, that was the main reason for breaking up and be on my way. I have waited some years now. The sad thing is that things on family level has become more complicated than we thought possible. If anything, this new path will give me new strenght and its badly needed. Praying may continue!
    Bless you, sister.

  7. It takes a lot of courage to make such a drastic change in your life Solveig and I feel sure you are right to do this now.
    I pray you will find the energy and patience to step into this new world and that it will prove rewarding and satisfying in wholly new ways.
    Please do blog about it when you have the time and the inclination, and meanwhile, the very best of luck.

  8. Thank you dear Ray!
    Well, I do think I will find it both strengthening and rewarding, this new world. Hopefully I can take this with me and make my family benefit too.
    We are not moving and I'm still in church choir😇😇😇😇😇 so my parishioners will see me often enough.
    I will write about it Ray and meanwhile I can use both prayers and cheers.
    Take care, don't hit anymore toes and bless you!!!