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söndag 28 februari 2016


Another sunday will soon be over. 
This is my third week now since my surgery. If anybody is wondering about the name of this blog I might as well tell you: my right hip was in a bad condition and needed surgery, hence the title.
Even though I complain a lot about pain and strain and crutches falling all over, I am indeed so grateful . Think of it; how many people around this world has an opportunity like this?
People suffer from all kinds of injurys and are, just like me, in need of medical care but are not able to get it. I take it for granted, many others can just dream about it, it all ends up to money. In a few weeks I will be running about while others have to carry the burden of pain for years to come. 
From time to time the pure goodness of people make miracle happend and doctors set out to help the most unfortunate brothers and sisters in the darkest corners of the world, making life without pain come within reach for those who never even dared to dream. 
So, my badhipperspective tonight will be one of gratitude and joy. 

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