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måndag 29 februari 2016

Treasures in the written word?

The day started in an unexpected fashion; both girls up and about in good time!
Sunrise was spectacular, scraping carwindows not so very spectacular I figured.
On the table before me piles of documents crave my attention: I need to make horrifying
choices and actually throw some of it.
Have you ever concidered the pain in this?
We learn from trendmakers that making space and throwing things is your guide to a better and peaceful life. Probably true, but letters, personal messages and drawings makes it so difficult.
I keep saying; where would we be if no letter was to be found from all great historic persons
and events? No notes on anything, secret understandings, loveaffairs, letters from battlefields or
memos from marvellous discoveries? Young people today send their deepest thoughts using texts,
twitter or plain mail. Bundles of wellkept loveletters or historic letters are kept in libraries or being sold
at auctions for gigantic figures. How will the future generations ever get hold of what actually was
going on in their family long ago? Not even a diary? No more Mamma Miahits with notes like;
Oh what a night!
I know I growl over the boxes filled with letters from people I almost forgot , like the Prince in Ghana who wanted to marry me and sent me lovegifts ...but they are a part of my history, how can I throw them? Childrens drawings, postcards and notes scrabbled on the pages where I was supposed to be listening to the boring teacher but kept dreaming of future adventures. No one will pay loads of money for my old letters, but if all our everydaythoughts will be written and deleted within hours, what will we eventually know of ordinary people when we discuss it in a distant future? We trust so much in modern science but the Dead sea scrolls knew nothing of that, what if we never had access to such treasures?
Or is it just here and now that actually counts?
I think I'll put the boxes back and throw something else, no mercy!

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