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lördag 30 juli 2016

Forever a cineast! Maybe you'll find some favourites??

                 Goodafternoon to you, filmlovers!

Since I always had a great interest in film and tv-series I have been thinking of listing some of my very favourite moments of film and tv.
For about six years we lived in a rather small and old apartment, 1,5 rooms with a curtain between livingroom and bedroom. Small kitchen with gasstove, no bathtub but the one shared by the tennants, coldwatertap only and a tv-set that operated on coins and if you didn't have any, you couldn't see the end of tonights show. Screen went black at ten o' clock with the flag and national anthem.  For children there was a wee piece of film, cartoon or something from the eastern Europe with dolls mostly. 20 minutes from 6.30, then bedtime. But since we only had a curtain I could hear my way through some action. So I learned about Mission Impossibe, with Leonard Nimoy and Martin Landau, and I heard the Star Trek- theme and Frank Cannon. Never saw anything of course, only a few years later on reruns.

My big crush from early years was Elvis, and those films I was allowed to watch, OH joy!!

The Disney cartoons where my first cinemaexperiences, so they are on my list too:
Bambi, Snow white, Djunglebook and Aristocats.

Other cartoons and animated stories:
Lion King, Beauty and the beast, Toy Story, Ice Age except number 4, Shrek 1-2, Monster Inc,
Brisby and Nimh, Watership Down ( love it),  Happy feet, Aladdin

Next on my list - Star Wars 1977, I was 14 and I am not able to count the number of times I
have seen all the films in the series. However - Empire strikes back is a favourite.

Other scifi? Yes:
Star Trek - well it deserves a chapter of its own but ,Voyage Home and Into darkness .
Terminator 2, Alien and Aliens,  Independence day, Blade Runner, 

Fantasy?  Well, yes:
Edward Scissorshands, Harry Potter - all, Narnia,  Lord of the rings- trilogy, Hobbit -trilogy,
Timebandits, The wizard of Oz- 1939 version,  Life of Pi,  Mary Poppins, ET,  Big,  Splash

Adventure? Mhm:
Indiana Jones 1,3,  A view to a kill, Gold Finger, Spider Man - with Toby Mcguire, Superman-
with Chris Reeve, Jurassic Park,  Dark knight rises, Twister

Thrillers, oh yes:
Frantic, Witness, The Fugitive,  The man who knew to much, Vertigo,  Jaws, 

Classics, my mother was a big fan:
South Pacific,  Sound of music,  Gone with the wind,  High society, Wuthering heights, The hunchback of Notre Dame with Charles Laughton,  Cabaret, Jailhouse Rock,  Forrest Gump,
Rain man,  The elephantman

Life of Brian,  Blazing saddles, Space Balls, Bruce Allmighty, The Mask, Blues Brothers, My big fat greek wedding,  Groundhog day,  Young Frankenstein,  Little miss Sunshine,  Four Weddings and a funeral,  The full monty, Ace Ventura, Hotel Marigold, 

Drama, yes:
Lost in translation, Whats eating Gilbert Grape, As good as it gets, Billy Elliot, Truman Show,
Slumdog Millionaire, Bridge over the river Kwai, Lunch Box

Well, that's enough for today, I will end with this trailer from As good as it gets!!
Blessings to you all, I hope your week will be a good one!!!

3 kommentarer:

  1. All I can say is bless your memory FT !
    I have never been a great cinema goer, though I do recall some of the titles that you mentioned and as for TV I gave up on owning one about thirty years ago.
    Though I do admit using YouTube and the TG4 Player and mostly to watch programmes concerning Irish Mythology which is my main interest.

  2. I have suspected you had an interest for that, yes. My list does not include anything irish I'm afraid but the odd story you brought us about that girl being enchanted, swallowed and reborn I found rather fascinating. As I told you before, many a tale has strokes of likeness all around the world, I wrote some 10p paper at the university about floodstories. Tolkien and C S Lewis have taken the old folkmyths and given them new light in their books, especially Tolkien. Books I cherish will be another post in the future, both our girls are brought up with both fairytales, novels and mythology in a good mixture. I love the cinema and my books and you have an eye for the unseen and the beauty of the written word as well as the visible creation. Thus we contribute each with something!! All of us!! Out of curiosity, what films have you seen???

  3. Well the first was Bambi, Hans Christein Anderson, The Cruel Sea, Magnificent Seven, Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter.
    I must not forget one important film Déithe na Spéire, because I and my grove took part. The film explores the religious and mythological significance of Ireland’s most hallowed sites will be repeated on TG4 the 2nd of August at 21:30pm.
    Faeries here in Ireland and in some parts of England are real for they stand between us humans and creation. At certain times they can be seen and at other times unseen and yet often heard.
    Now sweet dreams to you FT :-)