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lördag 9 juli 2016

Vacation - on our way!

Good evening!

So, for a few days we'll leave the Daylily, the Snapdragons and the Pixies and the Peacerose in the Lords care and be off. Actually, my mother will be in the house but she's not much of a gardener, not for outside greenery anyway, potplants is her cup of tea.

We got alarmed when thinking of this summer, not more than two weeks of common leave!
First week passed with clearing out the basement. This week he is deeply involved with the church -activities in the annual marketweek in town.Café, conserts, outdoor services and exhibitions. Since my husband is the churchwarden, the caretaker, he serves it all. Twice this week he also did the guiding of tourists in the church's belltower. Built somewhere in the late 13th century, much to learn there!
But next week he is free again and we realized our girls had never been to Stockholm, so that's where we are going. Coming soon to a blog close to you!!
                                         The Peacerose smells lovely after the rain.

 For some reason, the snapdragons are all pink this year, last year we had all sorts!
This above is one of the quays, Hjälmarekajen I think, from here you can take the old steamferries out in to the archipelago, perhaps to Drottningholm and the castles! We will!!!

Vacation - when we escape the tourists to become - tourists!!
Our beautiful village is invaded this time of year, summerguests return to their cottages, abandoned all winter long, and the campingsites and hotels fill up. Shopping takes twice the time, nightlife is increasing, restaurants are at their topspeed serving shrimps, salmon and fried herring on rye.  It's very good for business, very good for the survival of our neighbourhood, very nice people, but .....I long for autumn....
So, we escape to become a nuisance elsewhere, being tourists and prevent the cityfolks from leading normal lifes. If they ever do, that is. I lived in Stockholm for a year, normal is very different there and here, but there is but a short distance in time, between there and here!

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  1. Thank you for the comprehensive tour and commentary about your country, the photo's too were very illuminating.
    "The further north you get in Sweden, the more solid rock you stumble on"
    Am so glad that you did not stumble, for otherwise you would have become a fallen woman :-) :-)