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söndag 5 februari 2017

Oh no, it's time again!!!!

What now, I hear you say, especially my american readers, greetings to you, new friends!!!

If you check my blogposts for february and march last year, you'll know what I mean -
we are approaching ESC and in Sweden this is HUGE!

In other competetive countries this contest is no big deal but in Sweden it's more holy than sunday mass.  It took off yesterday with 7 contestants and will go on every saturday until march 11.  The winner that saturday will then travel to Ukraine and compete in the ESC.

By then, we will have listened to 47 artists and songs. And A LOT of comments from the three leaders of the show , broadcasted from 5 different cities. You see, this is almost too much.

The competition in Sweden is called the Melody festival. From a very modest competition with 8 or ten contestants in front of live audience and live jury groups and live orchestra, ONE single contest, to six.  Back in the fifties there was one year when one singer sang all the songs.
The artists are everything from well established to very unknown, stars-to-be.
Every year there will be one or two with acts not meant to take seriously at all, and one or two acts where the artists turns his or her entire life inside out and sings about personal tragedies and traumas. Every year there will be plenty of fancy dance acts and choirs to cover up poor voices, there will be clothes you wish you never saw and clothes you actually where everyday.
There will be spectacular hairdoes and haircolours, there will be animations and light tricks.
There will be rap, hardcore, country, singsong, jazz, funk, powerballads, disco, tango, bebop and gospel.  In this clip below you can watch the trailer that has been running for some time in swedish television. 

And there will be strange, funny, excellent or horrible intermission acts.
And there will be the endless chitter chatter about too old, too young, too boring, too much, favourite or down the slope. 

The great final takes place may 11th and as things are now, Australia is all of a sudden part of Europe but that is no more strange than the fact that Israel is part of the competition. And Belarus. 
 But this weekend we also had a massive biblestudy in three parts, very interesting and with many people coming, unfortunately I couldn't attend . 
The issue was the connection between promises, revelations and prophesies in the Old Testament and their fullfillment in the gospels. Right, the Israelissue, very very important today, but the non political side of it. Notice, there was no talk about taking sides,  no talk about Trump, this is quite another discussion. A wish for Gods plans to come true, the blessings for ALL people, with the number 70 as guideline, 70 for the heathenraces of the world, symbolicly mentioned all over the Old Testament.
So, blessed be the children of God, with or without the ESC!!

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