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lördag 11 februari 2017


Well was that foxtrot, catwalk or badgersdrift, that stole our dinner so bold and swift?
Was it roaming and sneaking in bleak midnight, when the stars were silent and the moon was white?
Was it sharing with others with whiskers and paws, was it a cute little rasqual with eager jaws?
Whoever was here to feed on our behalf, there's one thing to be said to those who care:
Never ever leave a chicken casserole to get chilled on your front stair!!
This was actually the second attack, we never took the pot in, I mean, beasts and monsters has to eat!!

More snow has fallen, but this is only our garden, I AM A BIT LAZY!!!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Even the small creatures must be fed :-)

  2. Trolls. I mean the real ones that live under the bridges, not the Internet sort.
    Don't leave your jam tarts on the window ledge or they'll disappear too. Just like in the rhyme.

  3. Trolls or small creatures, hmmm. It's a matter of who is entitled to be fed. Very likely those who actually exist, Gwil. Internet trolls feed on our emotions, I don't want to contribute to that.
    If I shall feed the small creatures, I'll choose something less expensive.......

  4. In winter put out sunflower seeds for the birds but I think the squirrels pinch many of them, shelled walnuts, and pieces of cheese rind. The crows bury the cheese and cover the holes with leaves and moss. They are so intelligent.

  5. We have peanuts hanging in an old pet-bottle, pine cones with seeds and greese on them, balls with tallow and seeds, apples and sunflower seeds. Cheese rind? Don't the rats go for those? And oh yes, crows and magpies are intelligent, but we try to outsmart them.....

  6. There is a man who is a certified rat exterminator who knocks here once a year. We do not use his services. We had a cat that died after eating a poisoned mouse which it regurgitated after the vet gave it some medicine. We are visited regularly by a fox and a badger. There's also an owl living nearby.