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tisdag 14 mars 2017

Welcome next door!!!

This somewhat chilly tuesday I invite you next door, to read about my schooldays, the second part of that thrilling story!!! In my other blog - Novels and true stories.  Welcome!!!

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  1. I find this particular blog post very hard to comprehend and mainly because of the terms and cliches that you are using.
    You speak of evil as being monsters, without explaining what is evil.
    Monsters can be seen as overgrown animals i.e. above average size is that your definition ?
    Evil though is very different and the understanding of the word has changed throughout the centuries, as people became more educated. Able to recognise the effects of mental illnesses and treat various conditions. Today we term various and serious behaviours as being negative human conditions.

    Here in Ireland we are hearing about the negative treatment of single mothers and their babies during the 20th century by the Christian Nuns. In much the same way as we heard about the children who were abused by the clerics/ monks.
    What we (Ireland) have yet to do is to look at both of these cases and reach an understanding of the what caused this awful behaviour by people who ought to have known better.

  2. I see you have commented twice here, Mel! You are welcome to read my post about schooldays, it would to hear what you think!! I have given an answer to this comment in the next post!

  3. I knew that!! I still invite you to share my schooldays, it would be very nice to have a Herons view on that!!!