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måndag 22 maj 2017

Anniversary - from harbour to harbour in 25 years!!!!!


As I thought I would share another anniversary with you, I find it best to link you to the story of the event 25 years ago:

If you travel along that link you will find a story about our first trip to Greece and the xchange of golden rings!!

This post, however is the story of a small anniversary trip, to celebrate the 25 years that has passed since then, this time heading for our own south borders and a small fishing harbour.

After a busy week and actually rather dark and gloomy, moody, if you like, my husband bought me flowers and I had booked a B&B on a farm down south.

Saturday morning we left the girls and grandma in the house and headed for a place called Forsakar,  a forest with a ravine with waterfalls, smaller but rather beautiful. It's also a somewhat dangerous place since the ravine have no fences. Along the riverside you can see that several of the very tall trees have lost their grip in the thin soil, falling dramatically across the stream.  The trail leads up and down along the riverside, the forest is thick and filled with birdsong and flowers, insects and ....sand. We found a small rock with a cross shaped pattern in it, and sat down for a nice cup of coffee and a sandwich. 

 I wonder who made this pattern?
And I wonder what flower this is?

Deep river... nah!

SMALL waterfall!!!
These funghi are usually found on pinetrees but from time to time they grow on beech and birch. They are beautiful, like small canopies.
 After a rather hot but pleasant walk/climb, we climbed in to the car again. You see, we skipped spring this year, I know some of you agree, from icy mornings last week to 25 degrees celcius hot this day!!  Ah well,  we were on our way to the sea, to walk on the windy cliffs of Dover, well at least our version of it, Hovs hallar and the plateau where  the stones of Ale are situated, no no, not ale, Ale is a name!!! High above the waterline , with a walkingtrail among the hills and sometimes in the company of cows and sheep. Did I mention the wind?  Here below you can see some scenery from our walk. We left our bags in the B&B, took the picnic bag and started the trail right through one of the farmers inner yard!

As I said, trail began in the farmyard. She had seen lots of hikers and didn't bother much.

A sea of rape seed, nice waters!
Here you see the sea!!

And here you see the sea, a bit too high up for my taste actually!! Me, not the sea! The undersea stream here is rather strong and there have been dramatic drownings among , mostly middleaged, men.

This was the lowest hindrance for the cattle, the highest caused a climb of 2 metres, I mean, for a frail little woman with a metal hip, that is a challenge. And more of it, WHAT ARE THEY STOPPING WITH A HINDRANCE OF TWO METRES?? Giraffes???

The stones of Ale are said to be a cultic place, with traces back to 700 BC. It is build to cover the winter and summer solstice and also several more parts of the calender. Inside the boatstructure there have been found traces of a burialplace. Some stones have been raised long before the boatstructure was completed. For us, however, it is a beautiful spot with a striking view. 
6 hours later, after our dinner, we climbed
back up again and took some more pictures!!!
 Well, since our engagement took place in a greek little harbour, it seemed right to take our picnic at the ridge of Kåseberga, a small fishing harbour with a equally small village attached to it. When we were children, this place was very simple and you could buy smoked herring or salmon and eat it on a bench. Today there are tourist shopping, bakery and at least 3 restaurants and a grill in the harbour area and two more in the village. Mostly open at summertime, like most villages by the sea everything closes in september.
I had prepared a chickensalad and added a rosé wine, small bottle off course!  Very tasty actually. You see the harbour below as well, a very sweet sight!! In Greece, we changed rings right after the thunderstorm and before dinner. Crickets had begun chanting, this time we had no crickets and no thunder.                                                                                                        

 Some hours later we returned to the harbour and had dinner, this time we dared the pizza , very special , thin, baked in a stone oven with logfire. The heat had expired a bit, but we chose to sit by the sea anyway and after dinner we went back up to the hill to get a last look at the rocks, the sea and the sun.  
 Nothing like a good sunset, this was around 21.00 and very soon after that the setting was completed.

A cup of tea and pannacotta with berries completed the day!
Next day we went to a place called Backåkra where the swedish FN boss Dag Hammarsköld used to stay. There is a museum and a monument, more like a place for prayers and solitude, the word PAX is chopped in to the center stone. Around in the field there are hundreds and hundreds of small orchids and anemones, those blue furry ones, impressive in height at this place. Many people makes pilgrimages to this place and church have outdoor services here.

Larks singing, otherwise this was the most silent place, and believe me, silence is not what we usually have around us. The world today is such a noisy place, and hasty too. We move around like in a race but inside we move at beetle speed.  

Before returning home we stopped at the turkey farm to have a bite to eat and buy some goodies home, sausages, pies, smoked turkey and other tasty things.  Back home we hurried to have a cup of coffee with the rest of the family and then off to afternoon service where the childrens choirs had prepared a musical about the Creation and the six-year olds in the parish came to get their bibles. It was a splendid anniversary, God be praised!
A quiet sacred place for worried and restless souls and tired feet. Dag Hammarskölds Backåkra.


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  1. It must be difficult grilling in the harbour, especially when the tide comes in twice a day and at different times too ?

  2. Yes indeed it would be, but you see the tide isn't present in our waters and we kept ourselves up on the slopes, except for the pizza that we took in the restaurant. I expected an expert opinion on the stones of Ale, what do you think, calender, burialplace, cultic landmark or boys from the bronze age having a lark?? I for one am thinking calender, probably for cultic reasons, I got quite inspired by that documentary you told me about. So let's hear it, Melvyn, aren't they lovely in the evening light??? We have several of these boatshaped formations in Sweden, why boatshape? Did they even use boats? I wonder.

  3. Firstly I suggest that you need to respell "cultic" to Celtic as that would be more appropriate. Stone circles have astronomical alignments and occasionally had cists holding the cremated remains of important dignitaries. Yes, the Bronze age people certainly did have boats, not perhaps like those that we know of today but certainly they used them for transportation - consider Noah's Ark for a start ?
    Astronomy was very important knowledge to have and record
    the number of days between the New Moons and Full Moons knowing when the high tides would be and particularly the lengthening and shortening of day light. All of this was important knowledge for every tribe around the coasts and inland to know about for their survival depended on such observations.

  4. Just as I hoped you came back with a very interesting comment. I am glad that you can fill in the gaps . I know they had boats, at the university I wrote some papers on the cultures that spread by boat, f.i the polyneesians. There is also some remains of graves along some of the stones, but they believe those remains and stones were put there before the boatshape was completed.
    Since there are several archeological findings that points to the use of calenders, I always thought this was one. I wonder why some of these are circle shaped and some boatshaped. I always thought it had to be circle shaped. Those remarkable structures shown in that documentary from Ireland were circle shaped, no?
    And I'll settle for Celtic, Melvyn, why not? Thank you for this enlightening comment, dear Heron!!!

  5. Not all of our circles are completely round there are a few which are semi-circles and were made that way quite deliberately because of different planetary alignments.
    So your boat shapes may be to do with different lengths of daylight alignments or they are pointers to places on earth ?
    I suggest that the next time you visit one take a compass with you and find out the alignment - may be east to west or
    south east to northwest it will be interesting for you to know your own history, I think :-)

  6. Hm, a compass it is then. Well, this trip was more like a "leisure, companionship, relaxation, walking, laughing , looking for a place to eat our chicken salad" kind of trip. However, there is plenty of space in our picnic bag for a compass, and my history could perhaps even turn out to be Celtic!!
    Another interesting issue to be dealt with some time is that of the round churches. Medieval churches, to be found in Denmark, Germany and four or five other countries. The interesting thing about them is that when viewed from space, they together form an exact geometric pattern with exact coordinates in the angles, some percentage, I can't remember the details, it was long ago that documentary, but the questions were: how could they build those churches forming an exact pattern in spite of the distance, and why? Only from space you can see it. Like the patterns in the cornfield, even if I do have my doubts about that one.
    Thank you for commenting, I have really missed these nice conversations here at the bad hip hostel!!!!!

  7. Ah' the early churches were built on ancient pagan sites and were encouraged to do so by Pope Gregory.
    The pagan temples were built on the Earth Energy Lines which circumvent the globe.
    Next question :-) ?

    1. Yes, you are right about that, just like the church did with christmas and easter, on those particular dates. All churches weren't built for that cause, but many I'm sure. In our country the building of churches long ago often included some ritual or other to keep evil away, f.i a live goat under the tresh hold. Still, How did they manage to build that way? The constellation of the stars?

    2. Solveig, I have always been amazed by the attitude of today's people in their belief that the Stone and Bronze Age folk were ignorant. For the all of my research has only ever pointed to the opposite, that in fact they had a superior knowledge of the planets from what I presume must have been observation or (and don't laugh) were they the remnants of a superior civilisation from another planet ?
      The mound at Newgrange in county Meath is an example of the builders technical skills in that the passageway is aligned to rising sun at Winter Solstice - it was constructed over five thousand years ago please view newgrange.com

    3. Wasn't that the one shown in that documentary?? I remember clearly the sunlights way into the centre of the structure at a certain point. It's amazing. The only thing that can be said is that the knowledge used in constructing was somewhat different in different parts of the world. Not so long ago they found some tombs and sites outside of where we live today, with traces of handled food, i.e fish that had been managed in order to stay fresh longer, but the constructions and buildings were very far from what is shown at newgrange. So I do believe people were far more advanced in some areas but not in all. Ignorance has very little to do with it, I believe people evolve according to need. If the situation demands more for survival you will either evolve or disappear. But as far as we know today, the different races lived side by side for much longer than science described in earlier days. Perhaps even helping each other out. To be advanced is not the same as being better, that was the mistake both some missionairies and colonists made. Setting the standards from their own level as having what makes one "human". Perhaps that is why we think of stone and bronzeage people as ignorant because they don't have the knowledge we today would considder "civilized". Did you read my post on our original engagement trip to Greece? It's linked above. An amphi theatre?

  8. A bit tardy, but I wish you a belated Happy Anniversary. Thank you for taking me along via your pictures. I looks like you visited beautiful places. I very much enjoyed this post, and the comments above as well. They are far above my limited knowledge.

    1. Good to see you here, Bonnie!!! We actually met some lambs as well, but I didn't add any pictures of them. The discussion going on here is a pure pleasure, my friend on Ireland is very good at these things. I have some odd knowledge here and there but his is very much deeper!
      Thank you for commenting, Bonnie!!!!

    2. Congratulations on your 25 years Solveig. What a lovely way to celebrate it.
      Wonderful pictures too.

    3. Thank you ever so much, Ray!!Yes we had a great day!! I am glad if I could bring some colours and light into the cloudy sky. Good to hear from you, can I relax now??

  9. It's always so much fun to see that wonderful world you live in! Happy 25 years--Congratulations!

  10. Thank you, Linda!
    How long have you and Terry been married? We celebrate 25 years wedding anniversary next year!!