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söndag 23 juli 2017

Life returns

For a long time, one of the safe spots for this countries weather and coastal reports, was this light house on the island that is within the realms of our parish! An elderly couple and their son tended to the light house and called in the figures for the reports. They no longer do that but the light house is going!!
Good evening!

The week that now is almost gone have for certain been a busy one. And it had all the ingredients of a lifetime actually. My husband have been travelling to his hometown to take care of practical matters.
We have both been working as well and then trying to prepare mentally for the funeral.
It was held in his fathers native church,  almost every important event have taken place in that particular church. Last time we gathered there was for my mother in law.
It was a quiet and seren service, held by a female minister that I don't know personally. We were but a few people there. The day was quiet and sunny. 
So we could say goodbye, sing and pray. Only memories left. He was a man with great interest in everything moving, books all over, maps, records, theaterprograms, photos etc. 

This week have also been busy because I work alone and summertime is filled to the brim with things to do. Children to baptize, parents to talk to, couples to meet and hold weddings for, funerals to plan and other services to plan and hold. Friday also contained a visit at Walters place, he turned 95 you see and I was there a couple of years ago when his wife Ella turned 90. They built their house in 1945, close to the church, with a gigantic garden with fruittrees, berries and vegetables.
So we talked and she had been baking and her daughter in law hade made a strawberry layercake with cream.
This is a film from the dioces, here you can learn about our second church, actually our oldest and smallest!!! I posted the other one some time ago. Next week will be busy in this church, we have something called Road Church. It means the church is open , guiding every day, service every day, music and singing every day, coffee and home baked every day. Plenty of ladies keeping this tradition going. And people comes back year after year. All over the country you can find this!

The real treat this week was actually that my sister, halfsister that is, came to visit. She lives up north east in the US with her husband, an american, really very nice man,  that she met ages ago. They have lived both in Sweden and in the US but as for now, she has stayed more years abroad than in Sweden.  She is an adventurous type and has travelled a lot and worked abroad as well. They have two girls, a few years older than ours. She visits Sweden every second year but lately it has been more often.
We never grew up together and had no idea about one another until some years ago, but now we are best friends and I enjoy her visits very much!! She is beautiful, wise and great fun!

Another thing about this week was the annual service at the island in our parish, they have some annual festivities since 1996 and at the island you can find an english graveyard, small one, because of the visits made by the british fleet in the 18th century. They return every now and then to visit the graveyard and pay respect. There are also some graves left that tells the story of the plague in this area. Up on our small mountain more of that can be found.
Anyway, this means going by boat.....BBBBBOOAT!!!!! Boat means waves means seasick!

We've had much worse trips!!
It may look calm at first but soon the waves are rolling

Here is the place were the service is held, out in the open. Often with birds hovering and deers andering about. I think there was about 30-35 people there. It was a very nice moment, praying and singing with the total view of the sea and the sun shining. First we raise the islands own flag.  After the service everybody go down to the small canons making a grand salutation, executed by some honored guest. I did it once!  There are two more of these small canons, they are placed in a South African harbour, for reasons unknown to me.

You must now that many other activities are taking place at the same time, flea sale, waffels, chocolate wheel, throw balls and win a price,  exhibits from local artists and so on. In the county house they serve a delicious lunch with homemade pickled herring, salmon, pies and sallads. The island holds about 8 people all year round, but in the summertime the hostel opens and the restaurant opens and the grocery store opens. There where people everywhere!!

We have a great bunch of sea rescuers and to their help they have the boys flying the coast guards helicopter. They stopped by for a visit, with two boats and this!  
The chapel, one of the two left in our parish. 
We watched the firing from a distance.
"God is our safe haven", we use the chapel at least twice a year. I've had a couple of christenings here and sometimes there are weddings, every Advent and Easter we have a service here.
Going back to the mainland and solid ground.  Shortly after that I headed for another of our villages to attend a christeningservice. Lovely scenery and nice people. The day closed with a meeting with a couple that will be married in september.  After that, the bells were ringing in the sunday rest and the saturday evening was spent with the family. The sunday service went well, and so did the christening . Two girls this weekend, two more angels for our tree, two more disciples and siblings in the worldwide church of Christ our Lord!!! Joyful!

And this weeks happy news was about the retired nurse that decided she had more to give so she joined an organization called Operation Smile.  A simple form of surgery that gives children a future, being able to eat, speak and smile normally!! Together with other organisations that works with volonteers for poor peoples health all over the world, they bring so much hope and strenght to people. Blessed are they!!!
I bid you goodnight and God bless!!

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  1. A sure cure for sea sickness is to put a high denomination bank note between your teeth, thus you will be so concerned and determined not to lose it over the side that the sickness will not occur :-)

    1. That, my dear mr Lloyd, was the most useful advice I have heard in a long time!!! Seriously Melvyn, you never go by boat, do you?? Thank you for that entertaining comment, I hope you enjoyed my little roadtrip! I'll check in on you, very soon and see the rest of your trip!!

  2. I was a frequent passenger on Irish Ferries for several years when I used to visit the UK, the Irish Sea is not noted for being calm.
    I spent a number of years during my working life designing and testing all manner of small craft (from 150 metres to 3.5 metres long) in all types of sea states. Which is the one of the best ways to find out about how a boat handles in bad weather!

    1. I knew that because you have shown such great interest and knowledge about boats. But you know, I once had a conversation with old Erik, a fisherman living on that island. I said to him how good it must be to be a fisherman and never be sick. He said: You know, I have been seasick all my life but there was no option for me, was there!" For my own part, I can't even sit in a rockchair....

  3. Hello. I have just read this all through from the bottom upwards. I felt busy with you. I am glad you have been able to fit in some relaxation time with your visiting sister. That was at least a little time to yourself away from work commitments.

    1. I am glad you are so persistant, Rachel! When I finally come round to a post it's usually long! Yes, I am so very pleased that these dark days also held a little light for us, as they often do if we look closely. Being busy in my vocation is mostly a source of joy but sometimes I get reminded of my bad consious, often people that I haven't visited as often as I wanted to. This is now my last week and I will try to divide my time to the most important issues and people. Thank you Rachel, for keeping me on track!

  4. The best way to avoid seasickness apart from not going in a boat in the first place is to sit in the exact middle of the boat, that is to say the fulcrum. You will notice in rough weather that the seats at the front of the boat are the last to be filled.

    1. Hmmm, so if I sit in the exact middle of the boat with a banknote between my teeth I should be good? You are right, Gwil, the middle seats are the best. I will for certain go for that!!! Herons advice would look more fun though! Thank you for all concern here!!

  5. A doctor who has spent his career working on ways to revive the dead sees his chance to prove his theory by performing his procedures on a recently ...

    1. WHO is this Unknown??? If you are a person., please write something that I can understand, if you are a troll, please stay out of my blogposts!! No offence intended.

  6. In my last parish I used to travel around by boat - different sizes of ferry - and I would look around and think how fortunate I was to be working in such a beautiful place. I guess you must feel the same. Blessings

    1. If I had to travel more by boat than I now do, I wouldn't consider myself fortunate at all. But yes, this is a beautiful place, Freda!