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tisdag 4 juli 2017

When everything else is alive

This evening my father-in-law passed away, at the age of 87-
it was one of the things that has troubled us lately, his failing health and diminishing life span.
Once an intelligent and active man, both physically and with  his mind, his world became smaller and the light started to fade. My husband and sister in law have taken turns to make his life interesting with books, lectures and excursions. I have tried to brighten things up by bringing dinner, cakes and helping out . There have been all kinds of days but lately there have been only one kind. 
We were all there, we made it!  And so it began

                           We gathered by his quiet bed
                           we spoke to him and held his hand
                           we hoped that he could  understand
                           and slowly cross the line we dread,
                           a final gasp - and he was dead

                          We all shed tears, his hand went cold
                          his arms and face so thin and old
                           the eyes, so fixed on us before
                          was glancing thru an unseen door
                           in heaven opened, so we're told

                           And there we are, with all words lost
                           as long before the Pentecost
                           What now? we asked, both worried and calm
                            we'll close his eyes and loosen his palm
                            in a circle we stood in pray and read hymn 23
                            and thought about how the future without him might be

                           In the sky rose a colourful rainbow,
                           " is he safe up in heaven now?"
                           The blackbird sang praise from the rooftop
                           and we gathered our strenghts somehow
                           Come practical issues, phonecalls, decisisons,
                           pack all his things, give the doctor admission

                           One more goodbye, hugs and tears and words
                           of comfort flew round
                           So tired and hungry we now were homebound
                           There ended a life in our midst, here on earth
                            plain to see
                            The story of him will live on , he is safe,
                            and so are we

I am no poet,  but there it is!    At home , most is normal again, the youngest just fell asleep in the coach,  she gave her very best last night and needs the rest.  Little darling.

13 kommentarer:

  1. My commiserations to you all Solveig.

    1. Thank you Melvyn, it's comforting with friends in many corners of the world!

  2. Now I see what your difficult time was.
    Rest in Peace to your father-in-law.

    1. Thank you, dearest Rachel! Yes, this was one of the things and it's heavy on my husband. Unfortunately, it's not the only burden, we have one heavier and more uncertain, only possible to carry with love, prayers and patience. For now, we will have to focus on grandfathers final rest and our grief.

    2. Oh well, I will continue to think of you during my days.

    3. Thank you, I will need it, we all will.

  3. It is so sad to lose a loved one, this poem touched my heart, especially since my husband died last November. Peace to you and your family.

  4. Thank you Terra! Yes, I am aware that some of my friends here have gone through heavy losses. My father-in law was old and in bad health, but still you have to stop for a while and think. We have a word for it, sad to loose, glad to have known.
    Bless you!

  5. I am so sorry to hear your sad, bujt beautifully expressed news. It is good that you were all able to be there at the time.
    You are in my prayers.

    1. Thank you, Ray! It's good to share because I know that you and many more knows what it's like, from many points of view. Yes, it was good we could all be there. I have been alone with some of my relatives, it's still a good thing to be there. Blessings!!

  6. Death, according to my mother is "the next great adventure".

    Like my parents I'm not religious in the normal sense of the word but my dad's last words were "Jesus is coming." He was on morphine at the time.

  7. Death is the next great adventure, yes I think she was right. And what is a normal sense of religion, Gwil? To some, being religious isn't normal in any sense, to me, being religious is the only normal thing to be. And I do believe Jesus is coming, and I don't think it has anything to do with morphin.....in that case, your father would have seen something completely different. Rest assured, friend, we don't know anything for sure, but we have hope and we are blessed!!! Right??? I really love your comments, Gwil!

  8. When everything else is alive. This evening my father-in-law passed away, at the age of 87- it was one of the things that has troubled us lately, his failing health ...