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torsdag 31 augusti 2017

Slowly returning to life as we knew it

Small boys are working again
Now we can see that things are beginning to take shape and some shapes we even recognize as normal. Nothing has been normal for the last 14 months or so, we need normal.
On the other hand, what is normal?? I guess I mean a kind of status where life is almost predictable, possible to handle and control, bearable and at peace.
I know that is not possible for many people, Turkey is going heywire with their new policy of keeping western tourists out, Giant baby in North Korea keeps tossing his mortal toys over Japan,  Texas has turned into one gigantic water reservoir making normal life impossible.
IS keep beheading people and filling up the streets with the remains in front of the children, how can life ever get normal again?

Big boys are working again!!
Still, as far as our family goes, we need days where hope is springing so that we can share that feeling with those in greater need than we are.
Daughter began new school, every day is a struggle but there is hope. She is so tired and everything effects her, but she does her very best and wants to go every day.
Grandfathers apartment is ready for the market and the tiresome and sad sortering out and throwing is soon over. Photo albums and souvenirs, china and linen, all in a persons life story. And those before him.

Life will now go on without him, you get used to that, being without people. Some "withouts" hurt more than others. Some remain vivid more than others.  You have to settle with the footprints and impacts a person leaves in your heart and head. The rest is up to the good Lord to handle.

Underneath the pinetree

From next week the election period in our Church of Sweden will take place. Every fourth year , you have to decide on political or non political candidates, church council, deciding together with vicar, another council handling money on local basis, choosing people to represent us in dioces. Last time we voted for king and country there was a major break through for a nationalistic party called Sweden Democrats. They want immigration to stop, Sweden to be swedish, less sharing and more total integration. Many of them constantly get into trouble, behaving badly on internet or outdoors.  Same as every where else in Europe. They have also made their way in to church, and have their own list. So the strong lead they held in the local elections three years ago, will maybe give them a strong position in the church council or so we fear. 
Deserted and unwanted?

Participation is very low, around 20%, the leadership of the local parish or the church is not the most interesting issue.  
Our church rests on Lutheran Evangelical Theology and democratic standards, we all pay taxes to afford keeping churches and other buildings, paying salery to ministers, musicians, pedagogues and gardeners.  Being a member means paying tax to church. You pay according to income,  the elected council decides what to do with the money and where the efforts must land. Mostly, but not always, they are devoted and interested parishioners with a deep and longterm relationship to the church and life in it.  Sometimes they are just politicians wanting to learn something new. 

Per-Anders cut out the names of boats long gone and put them on the light house walls, there are at least 30.
Saturday my husbands starts his BM, birthday month, right Freda?? Celebration takes place in our local harbour, one restaurant is open almost all year long,  table by the window towards the sea is booked. Seaweed is slowly dying away, leaving that strong smell, geese are already starting to practise their journey south, the marina has started to look deserted, ducklings have grown up, fishingboats are heading out again for cod. We will celebrate birthday and pray for normal days for the world, normal meaning being able to breathe and hope. 
Next year the foot that used to recide here will be at least one size bigger.. 
We never get any nuts, birds and squirrels beats us to it!!
Wish you all a blessed and sweetsmelling start of september!!

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  1. I caught up with this post. It has an air of sorrow about it - just like the ending of summer. I hope you have a lovely birthday meal with your husband. That should cheer you up as we begin the descent into winter's darkest days. Yet another year is passing.

    1. You really are a poet, YG!! And such comfort in this comment, yes, there has been a very dark feeling and the sadness still lingers on, but hopefully light is breaking through . We will enjoy dinner, the girls have prepared gifts and birthday cake will be served on monday when friends come to visit. Strawberry cake, layercake with strawberries, custard, lemoncurd and whipped creme. Oh and what's another year....???

  2. Sweden was just on the news here. A policeman stabbed in the neck and police on full alert. Hope he recovers. And also hope things settle down, but unfortunately they will only get worse if it's true what one policeman said that there are 61 so-called 'no go areas'.

    1. In fact Gwil, the no go areas don't exist as yet. I can't tell where that came from but our minister of defence denies it. No the violence is reaching peak level, all over Europe it seems. My mother lives in one the most endangered parts, I'm not happy about it. Still, we have to make sure they wont break us, there are forces who wants us to hide. Stay safe, Gwil, keep hoping!!

    2. Denmark sending 160 armed soldiers to the German border to 'help'. Perhaps your government should send a few?

  3. A really lovely post Solveig. You paint such vivid pictures and your actual pictures are pretty good too.
    I hope you will all have a happier year to come than your past one.
    You could try putting some fine netting over your Hazel bush.

    1. Well, actually I'd like to put some fine netting over the entire family,,,,buy I'll settle for the bush, a tree , more like it! Your comment made me stronger, thank you Ray, for bringing me light!! I have such wonderful friends here, I am truelly blessed. I have such a lovely family too, but we struggle, every day!!!

  4. Praying for strength for your dear daughter as school progresses, and for you and family. We can take heart amidst our struggles, for we are never alone. I trust in that each day.

    1. Thank you Bonnie!
      I can say that we need those prayers badly, even if we know we're not alone. Every single day carries both pride and bitter tears, turning life that has been totally backwards is a longterm project!!

  5. Trust your husband's birthday month goes well. Thank you for explaining how the Swedish Democrats work/think. We have similar problems in the UK. In fact I am really ashamed of our country right now. (UK not Scotland - Scotland is a great wee country but too constrained by a different politics in our UK Parliament in London) Blessings from Dalamory

    1. Oh, we are working on his BM. Next week the elections for church are coming up, the Swedish Democrats are the only ones urging people to vote in a more obvious way among the political parties, but all political parties wants to say something positive about church or at least what they want to change..