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tisdag 1 mars 2016

The issue of teenagers,lazy,crazy,wise and talented and very much here!

Today I was thinking of teenagers since we have two in the family.
People complain a lot that the teenagers of the house are lazy, goodfornothing
bastards, sleeping all weekend and constantly wanting more money for needtohave
I agree, house is filled with dirty(?) clothes all over, makeupgadgets, used and unused. Lamps turned on are often left that way in the sunshine, every room is theirs, saunas are created with every shower, hotwaterbills constantly rising.
Screens are constantly running, two or three at the time, cookies are being baked with
no preparation what soever; What!!! You mean we don't have the ingredients to the
Peanutandmangobased cupcakes with strawberryfilling and lemonfrosting with flakes of
99% belgian chocolate on top??? But I must bake them NOW!! What kind of a household is this!!

At the same time, we see hope and life in teenagers as they rage against injustice and terror.
Right now I'm reading the story of Malala. She is an extraordinary girl, and I do believe there
are many like her, fighting and bringing hope and mercy into the world. Through her brighteyed and intelligent mind I learn a lot, and I am glad that she is strong, because there will be others so weak that they need someone to carry them, bringing hope in the darkness.
She is already a good example for young people who otherwise might have given up.
To my great joy I see good examples very close in our own community.
The teenagers around us go abroad to help out in orphanages and schools, they collect money
for important issues and are good examples of what grownups sometimes fail to do.

Our girls are both very anxious to make people feel comfortable, no one is to be left
outside, no one to be forgotten or treated bad in school. My oldest has her own blog
where she stands up for what she believe is true and good. Without her I wouldn't be writing this,
who can possibly understand this technical world???

So, why do I have that mysterious video? Well you see, in this house we have taken pride in teaching our girls what we believe is true and right, but we also introduced them to good litterature,
films and music. And that action goes in reverse, so we needed to get to know the world of
videobloggers, filled with music, dialogues or bakinginstructions and makeuptips or
simple folly like Thatcher Joe. We needed to enjoy...Highschoolmusical and Pitch Perfect,
Teenbeach movie and youtubeclips with bands and bloggers totally unknown.
We also have been fostered into the issues of today, how to communicate, what to react too,
behaviors uncalled for when friends are visiting IRL, worrying aspects of todays political scene.

They have enjoyed much of our medieval stuff and we can enjoy some of theirs.
I wanted to share just one video today, since I love musical comedy, and people that makes
ingenious and funny things with a piece of music without loosing respect.
Since we are all Potterheads, Trekkers, Starwarsnerds, Lordoftheringscrazy and Hobbitmaniacs,
this video was the first to catch my attention, this boy , no longer a teenager, is adorable. Some of his videos are already classics.

So, teenagers are a treasure of unfinished thinking, emotions exploding in all directions at the same time, creativity and stubberness in a mix. Just as I was, just as you were. People had opinons about us, they believed we would ruin the world, they said we were respectless and lazy. I do believe that has been said about teenagers since Horatio.
Like it or not, as we grow up, we change, and somehow we tend to forget , but IF we keep some of our written material, we can follow our own dreams and crazy plans.
Sometimes I say stupid things like: Huh! Teenagers! There is a sign on their foreheads saying:
temporarily closed for reconstruction.
But honestly, that sign could be on a large variety of foreheads, grown ups as well.
Life with teenagers is a challenge, but when the years pass by, it feels good to get to know the
children that are our offspring and still someone completely different.

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