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lördag 14 maj 2016

A pentecostal eurovision


So we have Pentecost and what a glory this is!! Pentecost in Sweden is quite unknown these days, but today we actually had a wedding in our church, for many years weddings was the utmost symbolic action to go with Pentecost.  This evening we were gathered in the churchyard, to begin our celebration and summoning of the holy Spirit. Not all that many, about 25, with the larks swirling above in the skye and the gleeming green and pink as our roof. We read the words of John, about the love and the helper. The spirit of truth. And how great is not our need for the truth in this world today!!! This world is lying us straight in the face, about what is real, what is important, who are winners and who are not. Who has value and who has none! We need to know if suffering will end, we need to know if love survives anything, we need to know if mercy will last us through any trial. We need to hang on to the hope we have in Jesus Christ! The truth is that we are never alone , never abandoned. Every inch of the way . Pentecost is the revelation of Gods eternal presence in our hearts, in our lives, in the world. The holy Spirit will reveal the truth to us about Gods grace and Christs victory. No more crying. No more fear. Hope is alive and true.

We are not waiting anymore, it's here!!!
This evenings service was celebrated here, at the Memorial Grove.
The simple old ragged cross
For rent or already taken???

I think the swedish television has done a great job with the acts to go with the partyfeeling in the Globe!!! But still, where is the holy Spirit when we need it? Spirit there is, but not so holy...
The final is now about to begin, my goodness it's quite like the Olympic Games .....!!!
So, this competition actually started as a token of peace. After worldwar two we needed so much to bind us together. The steel and carbonunion was the beginnig, then came Eurovision. If people cooperate and compete in a friendly way, the won't fight. Kind of the same follows the teachings in school today and kindergarten - if the children massage each others backs they won't hit.
Tonight 26 countries will enter the glittering stage, 14 are not with us anylonger, sorry Ireland , but on the other hand we have included both Israel and now...Australia---uh, well, Europe has no bounderies I guess. We both fear and hope that our boy Frans will be the winner, better that we win than one of the poorer countries, Eurovision craves a VERY large budget.
So I will leave this post with this:
May this competition be more of a very large birthdayparty where everyone is invited and young people can shine and be happy about themselves even if they don't win or even get close.
And what do you know, Ukraine actually wins!! The only song that brought tears to my eyes, outstanding performance Jamala!!!

Tomorrow we'll continue celebrating Pentecost with hopefully 60 choirsingers and the church filled with worshippers of all age!!!

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  1. These photos are gorgeous and the colours are so vibrant. I get the feeling that this is your special time of year. Many Blessings

  2. We have just been on a cruise through Holland and Belgium and Pentecost happened while we were there. It is not celebrated here in the UK, so it was so interesting to see some of the celebrations.

    1. Dear Weaver!
      While you and the Farmer were cruising ,Pentecost came down to us! Well, to tell you the truth, christmas and easter is celebrated outside the churches walls, but merely when it comes to decorations and eating. Pentecost was a weddingweekend, no decorations attached. Often it coincides with the Eurovision and that seem to be enough exitement.
      Our government actually took away one of the celebrationsdays, from the calender. So we no longer celebrate the second of pentecost with a "red" day!
      But in church today we will indeed celebrate! I wish I had the ability to enter some music from my church. You actually don't celebrate Pentecost?? Pity. It's important.
      Glad to have you back anyway, Weaver!!!

    2. To be fair, of course people are aware of the celebrations outside the churchwalls! I didn't mean to say that people are ignorant, just that society in itself presses these events more with the decorations , presents and the food that goes with it. The inner meaning of the season is often lost, Pentecost is the least known.

  3. On Eurovision
    Sweden did a cracking job !

  4. So you were watching this very glittery and glamorous piece of entertainment, John? Yes, I do believe we are quite good at creating a good show, but if it goes worldwide, we'll have to cut the militarybudgets all together....hmm, there's a thought!