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måndag 9 maj 2016

And the Oscar goes to.....The non-compliant midwife!!!


This brilliant and sunny morning in may, where the flu seem to inhabit one after another in the house with frightful temperatures to go with it, I just wanted to add a post of a kind normally belonging in my daughters blog.
In these days there seem to be no hindrance whatsoever to people going public. And worse still,
forcing others to ,unvolonteeringly, go public as well.
In Sweden it has been a constant topic since the mobiles turned into complete entertainmentdevices.
But I will at first turn to the newsworld. For years we've seen unhappy people with cameras up their noses, being spread like softcheese all over the "latestnewsflash"sandwiches we're being served constantly. Especially crying, screeming and desperate faces of fellow humanbeeings.

I can understand the newsvalue rising if you actually see the unfortunate people being spoken of.
I can understand also, that seeing is believing. And sometimes we have to see to take actions needed. But Visual evidence can also be tampered with, we see it often. Lies can be flashed around in an instant.

 A couple of years ago we actually had a large case against some schoolgirls spreading lies about a friend of theirs on Instagram. This marched its way into highcourt. Today, the same things happend on a daily bases and people get better in hiding their tracks. Children get harrassed not only in school but around the clock. Messages, pictures, distorted truths on internet.
This has gone as far as is possible, now most schoolchildren refuse to use showers in school and public bathingfacilities due to the increasing use of other childrens mobilecameras. Nobody wants to be hung out on Snapchat or Instagram, bare naked.
We also have the issue of boyfriends filming the"act" and publishing it, the girlfriend unaware mostly.

Altered is the attitude towards this of making your entire life public. The latest was broadcasted this morning: midwifes find it hard to do their work in a proper way due to the constant filming of every second of birthgiving, you know, the labours, the screeming, the blood, the pain, the rushing of nurses, the agony, the happiness... when denied filming the event by "sulky" nurses, the parents hide the cameras and film anyway. Now the hospitals need some kind of lawinforcement to help them balance this. One should think it would be enough with common sense, but clearly not.
I agree, these are magical moments in the young parents lives, but it's familymoments, not for the eyes of the world. Or?
We can only hope there will be plenty of people to celebrate the event with them, even without the filming. Nobody wants to diminish the happiness!!
But you really should think twice before you publish your life like this, not to mention other peoples lives!

You can't stop progress, they keep telling me when I bring these matters up, no maybe not, but I don't have to like it.
In some cases, being a celebrity obviously carries an expectancy from others that you will agree to have your life in focus most of the time, that lies in the nature of it. Great events of the world must as well be monitored. But surely, the average child or grownup anywhere in this world, must have a chance to at least decide for themselves if they want their ordinary,dailybaseslives shared by everyone.

I'll give the Oscar to the "non-compliant" midwife for standing up and putting her foot down on account of integrity, privacy and the right to do her important and competent work in peace. At least be able to say no if she doesn't want to be filmed.
Every living soul is miracle, don't we give sufficient attention and love to people around us, is that why we feel the urge to go public with our own or others lives, true or false??
If I'm totally offline here, please tell me what you think, I am prepared to reconsidder.

2 kommentarer:

  1. You make a lot of sense about the way people tend to put too much of their private lives on film, photos or print. A timely reminder for us all. Blessings from Dalamory.

  2. Thank you Freda, I'm glad to hear it but still I don't want to moralize. It worries me a bit though. Blessings to you !!!