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torsdag 19 maj 2016

In the beginning, God created heaven and earth

I thought I'd just add a short post from the afternoon walk I had this tuesday together with one of the younger refugees. He is fascinated by the way we take care of and enjoy nature and I tried to combine  a vivid conversation around Pentecost and the background for Acts with swedish-lessons and a trifle of biology to go with it, birds, trees, flowers. I just took some pictures, inspired by you, my fellowblogers and present them now, with this mornings nightinggale still in fresh memory.
This is what you can find along the forestpaths uphill where we live. And no, my dear Highlanders and Canadians, the altitude is a laugh in comparison!!

A nice cottage for mice?
In this part of the forrest nothing that falls is taken away, it's saved for the sake of birds and insects.
Always had a fancy for rocks and stones, in here you may find snakes.
Birchtrees are so frail and lovely
It won't turn green ever again but makes good housing.
Wild appletrees and a multitude of berries, mostly blackberries is a treasure later on.
Just set your shoes and wander off!!!
If I will be half as beautiful when I'm old I won't mind the greyhairexperience!
A couple of years ago this was rather solid, now you can actually blow pieces of it away, bugs have been working hard!
If you look close you can see that people of the old days tried to split up this rock and use it for building, but it wouldn't yield so there it lies!
The canopy opens up and allow us to see the clearing skye!
Just four weeks ago, this was all there was
Messengers of spring

Thats all for now. I'll be back on sunday to tell you about our weekend with Billy Elliot, fancy dinner and fancy hotel, first time on our own for five years, our 24th engagementanniversary, we celebrate them too!!

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