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torsdag 29 december 2016

And so they are both gone!!!

Debbie Reynolds passed away only a day after her beloved daughter Carrie.

Sad year this, for the world of entertainment. On Christmas eve we lost one of my favourite authors - Richard Adams. Age 96, so you could say he got a long life. In our family his books have been a great source of joy and excitement.
As for Debbie Reynolds I know rather little, but I always loved Singing in the rain, she was both funny and beautiful. This is one of my favourite scenes:

A friend of mine made a comment when I was moaning about all these famous people dying, she said that I might considder having rolemodels that are more resistant, like saints.
Saints, will keep shining.  Yes, I do have a few very dear saints in my collection of important people, but these stars also mean a lot to us. The voices, the talents, the performances, the joy.
I am very grateful for ALL people that brings joy and warmth to my life. And I do feel bad and sad for every family that looses someone dear, be it tragic or natural. 
Still, when we loose a celebrity, the feelings we carry inside will come forward because it's okej to mourn someone not very close, in public, but it's hard to put words to sorrow when it's hurtful and close.  I've said it before, there are reasons for this massive reaction when someone famous dies,  we need to practise on letting our feelings find words!

4 kommentarer:

  1. I have just realised how to comment on your posts - so let me start with wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Those waves sound horrendous - we have been on the Hurtigruten up the coast of Norway in Summer - wonderful - but we read of forty foot waves there in Winter.

    1. I salute you, Pat, welcome to comment whenever you like!!! I thought it was getting Oh so quiet and so there you are! Yes, weather is getting way out of hand nowadays. On the westside, especially Helsingborg, there have been serious floodings recent years due to storm and high waters.
      Hey, I watched AR today, it was from the Yorkshire Museum!! York?
      From this green and grey county of ours I wish you as well a very bright and blessed New Year!!!!!

  2. Yes, when a celebrity dies the whole nation acknowledges grief for someone they did not personally know. Have to say I felt truly sad over the heartbreak of Debbie Reynolds death straight after her daughter's. Such a sad, sad end to two wonderful lives.

  3. You know, Suem, every life lost from us is indeed worth grieving. You are so close to these feelings right now, and so you can feel the pain in this particular case, maybe more than many others. Yes, it is sad , I agree. Thank you for this wise comment!
    May your new year give comfort and light!