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tisdag 27 december 2016

Enough ,enough ,enough!! RIP, Carrie!!

Good evening!

This has been a dark year indeed, both in our family, in the world among fellow humanbeings
and in the world of entertainment. Now this morning we learn that Carrie Fisher died from that wretched heartattack she got on the plane!
That lovely, funny, independent and strong princess!!  How we adored her!
Carrie have also been a very strong personality, her life has been everything but glamorous some years, she has been very open about personal disasters and that has brought hope to many.  
So, again, I know my Redeemer liveth, but I also know that Carrie Fisher is dead,  luckily the former outweighs the latter but I'm still very ,very sad.  My thoughts go to her family and friends.  
Read my post from 21 of october, her 60th birthday, if you want to know more about her http://thebadhipperspective.blogspot.com/2016/10/carrie-frances-fisher-brightest-shining.html     .

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