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torsdag 1 december 2016

Linear life

I find it awfully strange to realize what actually goes on in mine and others heads these days.
I spend time and energy on things that really has no impact on anything important.
Like the fact that the Christmas gift of the year i said to be Virtual glasses. Virtual glasses? 
Is that anything like the progressive lenses I am stuck with?  No? I should have guessed.
Virtual reality is just one other way to avoid real reality. Many seem to have a great urge to do that. But those who actually are living their nightmare has no option. There is no other reality to grasp but the one at hand.  The very thought of calling that progress makes me feel sick. 

Another thing that drains my energy is something they said on the tube the other day: linear tv-users. They are rapidly changing the means for tv-watching, channels and frequenses being altered and programmes being delivered in new versions, digital.  What really gets on my nerves is that it's considdered some kind of salvation for people that they can watch their tv-shows and everything else, anytime and anywhere. No need for tv-schedules, no need even for a tv-set, no need to mark the calender for your favourite tv-show. You can watch whenever you wan't, wherever you want and incessantly as well.  Linear watching is out!!  Analog is dead. In the early days, tv closed down at 22 or perhaps 23. When our primeminister was shot tv couldn't spread the news because everything was closed down and the technicians went home to sleep.  So? He wouldn't be less dead because we didn't know anything until early morning.  Today we are reached by the news even before they have happend it seems and anyone can make news, true or not. 

We are available around the clock and now we can take part of the entire mediaworld around the clock. No need for tv-sets or cinemas, we can watch everything in our mobiles or Ipads, never rest, never close, never quiet, never dark. That's progress and the blessings of technic solutions.

But I still sit myself down when it's the nine o'clock news. This evening I had my laptop working simultaneously, yes, stupid!!! But I dropped it when I watched a young man, a boy almost, showing the cameramen where his mother and sister just had been blown to pieces , this was Aleppo. Around him lay bodies, shoes, bags, shattered windows. When he turned to point out where the second granade hit, his voice broke and his eyes stared blankly around him. That was virtual reality? No that was real reality. And I don't want to rerun it at will. 
But I really ought to spend my time and energy fighting for those who lose everything in front of no one and in front of the tvcameras.  Progress will continue,  I can't stop it by moaning about it,  I really have better things to do.  So, goodnight and God bless. May this world once again be safe and beautiful.  And may we dare to live linear lifes, in the real world.

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