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lördag 25 februari 2017

Heading towards Lent.


Tomorrow is the last sunday before Lent begins, tuesday is the actual day. I will bring you a picture shortly of the buns we eat like crazy these days - The Lent bun.  It's a common sweat bun, with a lid cut, stuffed with almondcrumbles, sugar and egg whites, plus whipped cream . So the lid goes on top and some powder sugar on - voila!  From sunday to wednesday its carnival and then it all begins, but these buns are actually eaten from second day after christmas...hm.

So tomorrow there will be celebrated mass in church, solo songs and yes, church coffee with these buns and a girl that went to Tanzania for three months as a church volonteer. She will show pictures and tell us about her meetings there.

This week the children had sports holiday from school and we travelled to my mother. The snow was long gone and the weather was mild . They said there would be some rain come evening, perhaps some odd snow in it. We took granny to a nice greek restaurant and then home to the coffee table. I brought a birthday cake with me, finished the same morning actually and some other cookies. 

The Akropolis special plate.

Birthdaycake.. notice the lack of red rose!!!
Early evening we started our hometrip.....it had started to snow!!!
We left six pm, thinking it would pass. We have about 140 kilometres home, usually we make the trip in an hour 45 minutes. We drove into the yard 5 past nine!!!!

It was horrible!! But when we at last crossed the border to our county, it was more rain than snow. Pew!!  I drove the worst part, road disappearing frequently, cars passing us and slashing up our entire front, blinded by snow and wind. Sometimes it was hard to see where the road actually ended, I drove like a drunk......scary scary.  We changed drivers when we could find somewhere to stop.  

Ohhhhh, take me out of here!!!!

So we thought there would be no more, just rain . But what was that we found in the morning??
Where was the car?  Right, covered in snow.  But, I must say, these snowy days have been sunny days as well. 

Needed both brush and scrape and some severe force to even open the doors!!!

This is called Ingemars tree, because of the late vicar, he loved it

Again, friends, drop by in my other blog, would be nice to know what you think. The latest post is all true, no fiction whatsoever!!   And now, the chicken roasting in the oven is about to be eaten -saturday night.. God bless you all!!

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  1. For the carnival weekend in Austria shops sold out of Donald Trump masks. Last year I think Angela Merkel masks were the best seller, or maybe it was the year before.
    Yesterday I went to see Peer Gynt opera ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leo Hussain. It was the version by Werner Egk (1938) and starred Bo Skovhus and Maria Bengtsson. Huge ovations at the end. Deservedly so.
    The only thing I know about Lent is that I get to eat lots of spinach, which I like, on Thursday which known as Gruendonnerstag. I don't do fasting!

    1. Dear Gwil!
      Thank you for this enlightening comment on austrian habits!! And how nice to that you enjoyed Peer Gynt, the real classics we rarely come across in this small region where we live, but it happends. As for Lent, we don't do much fasting in our family, the only thing we do is trying to give more and share more to others, especially those in need. Gruendonnerstag?? What is behind that? I could easily eat spinach every day, I love it. But I wouldn't ware either Trump nor Merkel on my face, no masks at all, actually. Faces should stay put. But in carnevaltime, anything happends, mostly in the university areaas.

    2. I only know it's the day after Aschermittwoch (Ash Wednesday). But you've aroused my curiosity so I'll do a mini-survey ;)

    3. I asked as couple of Austrian friends last night and they didn't know the reason. Then I googled the German wikipedia page and it just said there were some theories and listed 4 of them as possible. So basically a dead end I think. In England it's called Maundy Thursday and the Queen gives money to the poor. I think they are silver coins but I'm not sure.

    4. Oh well, you tried your best, Gwil. I guess every country that in some respect remembers what Lent and Easter is about, has its own traditions. Last wednesday, we celebrated Ash wednesday, when we by small prayer or weekly mass, take ash and paint a cross on peoples forehead. That, however is not very common, even in church. We do increase the effort to bring money to the poor though, to that people can contribute even if they don't celebrate Lent or Easter.
      I just thought that spinach eating sounded nice!!!!

    5. I just read this a bit late. Spinach has traditionally been eaten when fasting during Lent (for centuries) because of its healthy qualities when people are not eating meat and it will grow almost anywhere. I hope that helps a bit.

    6. Maundy Thursday was a particularly solemn day when I was at school and games and talking were forbidden. This was the day of the Last Supper when Jesus predicted that he would be betrayed by one of the apostles.

    7. Hello Rachel!
      Thank you for this comment! Spinach ? Mhm, well Gwil love it so that makes it a very good way to spend Lent. Good thinking too. And the Maundy Thursday was new to me, in Sweden we celebrated Good Friday as the day when games, talking and playing was forbidden. When I was a child everything was closed, no dancing, no dining, no cinema. Nowadays Good Friday is one of the most popular days for dancing and partying and nothing is closed. The solemnity of Lent and Easter has gone lost, I think.

  2. I love the photo of the tree - very special. It is lovely that Lent is almost here, we can really start to look forward to Easter and spring. Blessings from Dalamory.

  3. Hello dear sister!!
    How are you getting on with your writing? I think you launched a new post so I'll look in. Yes, this is a very hopeful time despite everything we hear. There is no stopping the Light, is there?!!
    The tree is actually lovely every season, but the winter makes it so visible and beautiful . Glad you liked it, Freda!

  4. As you know I am not involved in the Lenten activities and I only see Easter as being a pseudo Lunar festival, it being dated by the first full moon that comes after the Spring Equinox and held on the nearest Sunday.
    Which to me makes the whole thing and the dating look to be rather questionable...