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måndag 6 mars 2017

Slipping through my fingers - she's 18!!


Yesterday our firstborn came of age - 18!!
It used to be 21. Strange since many started to work at 15....
Now she can vote, order wine but not buy it....take her drivers license and pay her own bills!!!
Her room is still a lumberyard, but now it has a new sofa, carpet and lamp.

Moviecake- Potter, LOTR and Star Wars

We celebrated her one day in advance with a surprise party in our local chapel, it has several good rooms besides the churchpart, good kitchen facilities and she likes it. Instead of our small family of 6 she got 20 guests. Some she hadn't seen for quite a while. She came in last and everyone was in place. As the guests arrived they got a questioncard with questions about favourite directors, books, songs, how she got the scar on her forehead, name of her teddybear, islands she has seen and things she loads to do. Important stuff. They were put to the test one by one during the party.   We had a musical game as well and lots of food. The cake I made to illustrate some of her favourite films. The faces on the cake belongs to Chewbacca, if you wondered.

She arrived with her behind first, awkvard little person, don't try that at home!
Now she collects information from the universities and highschools.
Best gift?
A Nikon camera. ( No, they didn't pay me for writing that)   Oh, and jewellry. And more jewellry.    And a Star Wars lamp and bobblehead of Princess Leia. And a pillow with motives from Big Bang Theory.....

An amazing scrapbook from her best friend!
We made decorations with old pics hanging all over the place but that scrapbook was totally heartbreaking and wonderful!!!  When everyone had left and we had swiped and cleaned and finished the dishes we took one leftover good friend home to watch the Second chance competition before the finals of the Swedish Melody festival. We almost got another year with Loreen but something happend and we are still not sure if we will send 87 year old Owe the great!!!  

Well, watching your children grow and get more independent is something most of you already have gone through and many of you also know the feeling of grandchildren.. we will catch up eventually, getting older by the minute. But the good Lord gave us two beautiful girls and hopefully he will keep us bright and shining for as long as they need us.  Scary thing this parenthood, you are not even half grown yourself and sometimes they have the answers and I stand corrected. Only thing we can hope for is that we have given them enough love and security to last the turmoils and backlashes that will come their way. Prayers and good wishes will follow. Next year she will graduate and you are going to hear my whining through the screen but also our joy. The whining will come from the expences of: balldress, examsdress, hairdresser, coach or sportscar for the transport home, graduationhat, reception and gifts, food and drink, limo for the ball, no, let's leave that.  
Now she is 18 and it's quite enough for the parents to handle!!! And we are still eating the cake...........

4 kommentarer:

  1. Such a wonderful age to be 18 - I remember it well and having to wait for another three years before officially getting the key of the door.

    1. Oh yes, but today they get far too many keys at once, that can give me that panicking feeling. But she is very wise and calm, no headless party girl. 18 is a nice age, thank you for this comment, Mel!!

  2. When I was 18 it was the tail end of Dixon of Dock Green in Britain. We'd put the war years behind us and the Beatles had arrived. We baby boomers were coming into our own. And the future looked bright. You could do things you can't do today. You could for example pack your tent and jump on a motor bike and ride from Europe to India passing through the Levant, Persia, and Afghanistan for the adventure and scenery and just for the hell of it . . . as many people did.

  3. A lot can be said about the sixties, Gwil, but it really was a time of expanding borderlines. I was a child at the time and my greatest adventures was to go wild with the 6 year old neighbour boy. When I turned 18 the years of carefree adventure was over , the wall was still standing and nuclearplants was our subject for debate. I envy you a bit, hope you kept the better parts of it!!