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torsdag 13 juli 2017

Royal birthdays and other things!

I do believe that summer has reached this region, at least for a while. No bath for me as yet, but some daredevils in the village started already in april...
Our village is invaded by camper vans and boats, there is an icecream shed every 50 metres, and the cafés and restaurants go almost around the clock. That is good for the rest of the year, many survive on the income this period, so I shouldn't complain about traffic and late night hollowers in the schoolyard and a multitude of children on kickbikes and airboards all over.

Today, is her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victorias 40th birthday!!
We were there when she celebrated 30 and 35, but lately we haven't been to Öland where they have a summerhouse. Castle. Öland was grandfathers gift to us, our time with him.

They started early today in the chapel, celebrating a service called Te Deum, to God.
Later on there will be trumpets and gifts and flags and official waving.
After that they go from Stockholm to Öland, and greet people there, very closely actually, she is a modern princess who exercise and runs in the park close to the castle in Stockholm. It was actually when she got a new gym instructor that we got our prince, Daniel!!We are rather proud of her, she has studied a lot and take interest in children with disabilities and a sustainable society. There are funds in her name to support children.
So Happy Birthday, princess Victoria - long may you live!
Here is a film I found on You tube, no copyright intended it says, so I guess it's okej! 

Otherwise, life is running on, this weekend I hold three weddings and the sunday service together with a local community close by. My husband spends much time in his hometown, sorting out things around the death of his father. His sister is there too, they need this time together. 
On monday, my sister is coming up for a visit. She lives in the states normally, and comes home every second year to visit family and friends. We share but one parent and haven't grown up together, so it's recent years contacts that has brought us together.  I really love her! It's a blessing in many ways and we are more best friends than siblings perhaps. 

I will soon bring you a post about this village and life here but for now on you can have a picture of our own little princess, one of the two beauties!!
One of our late evening walks, she wanted to catch the sunset and the water for Snapchat followers..

The local community built this stage close to the chapel in the woods, there we will celebrate our sunday service and there we will enjoy concerts and meetings all summer long. We live some 100 metres away....
I hope this weekend will be a weekend of light, grace and hope for you all and that at least one thing in the world could change for the better.  God bless you!

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  1. An interesting post, and nice and short for me to read. This coming week sounds like a happy interlude for you during what has been, and are, some difficulties in your life. Enjoy it.

  2. Thank you Rachel! Yes, this coming week does hold both joy and sadness, the funeral for my father in law is on thursday, but from my Point of view, a funeral is our way to let God take over where we no longer can follow.

  3. I enjoyed this post. And I found the information about the Crown Princess!

    1. Good to hear, Linda! We have to enjoy in something, and be glad for the people who can and want to make a change. Hope Boomer is on the recovery road!!!

  4. I did not realise that Sweden had a Royal Family, somehow I have always thought that it was a republic - so thank you for educating me :-(

    1. Ha!!At last, you are normally the one to educate me!! Yes, we've had this particular Royal Family since Bonaparts era, it was one of his generals that was ordered up here to take the throne. The Bernadotte family has roots from the continent . They have no actual executive powers but the value of being icons and rolemodels are in fact larger than that. There is a significant gain in this, they represent Sweden in a way that no politician can do and visitors are greatly impressed by them. We are a republic when it comes to government, but in peoples hearts the King is important.I think I wrote about that, a while ago.....

  5. The royal families of Europe are never far away from the Austrian newspapers. Britain, Sweden, Holland, Monaco etc., are the favorites withe Austrians who unfortunately lost their royals in 1920 after defeat in WWI and now have a kind of nostalgia which they fuel by following other European royals including it has to be said minor German families nobody else has ever heard of. I think Germany has an excess of minor royals, but that's just my personal opinion.

    At one time there were 23 royal princes in Wales but they were all murdered, except for one who refused to attend the "peace talks" with the English, suspecting some trickery was afoot.

    I don't think royals of any stripe are particularly noted for their intelligence and common sense. I think the record supports my view.

  6. You may be right, at least concerning the election of royals. Often there was, just as with popes some centuries ago, a political agenda so the king to be was probably not chosen for his royal capacity, intelligens or other morally splendid things. Our kings of late have been both good and bad, the present kings grandfather was a lovely man, with great interest in archeology. Before him we had one with a not so grand interest in racial issues....our king today is a quite ordinary man that has struggled with dyslexia. He married young and have reigned since 1976. His oldest daughter Victoria however is a scholar and have both a great intellect but also a very gentle nature. She will do great as Queen of Sweden.

  7. When she was six years old, her parents took over Royal Lodge in .... On her official birthday, Her Majesty is joined by other members of the ...