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måndag 31 juli 2017

Thunder, lightning and vacation!!

Not Heavens door and S.t Peter, but Hogwarts door to the Great Hall, it will have to do for now! Soon we will walk through it...Hogwarts, I mean! Oh yes, again! I'll be back to tell about it in a week.  As Ray pointed out, we seemed to have been running through London last time, so we'll take it much softer now...
Well, it is indeed a very remarkable day.
This weekend we celebrated the Lord on the mountain, we did it with the loudest thunderstorm we've had for ages, no wonder the disciples fell down...
This is my first day of vacation, four weeks ahead of me and the husband. He went down to his hometown today, to meet up with some bankpeople, not the very best day, we leave by air tomorrow morning, but you know officials, they have their own time and space.

It started great, the train was cancelled, this happends all the time so yes, Heron, I believe the Irish Rail is better.
We expected this so he aimed for an earlier train, otherwise he would have to run for it. We live almost 2 miles outside town and he had to go back and take the car instead, a long drive for the poor thing, 150 kilometres , tired as he was from the long working hours this weekend. Still, is been quite a lot to tend to, youngest girl wondered why you just couldn't be sad and take it easy when someone dies. Good comment.
Up ,up and away!!
While we are gone, my mother is coming here to guard the house...or rather, we believe she needs a change of environment, living in the city the way she does. Her own opinion however, is that there are so many dangers in the countryside: too much sun, too many insects, too much wildlife and well, too much. She likes to visit however, and sit in the garden for a while. 
Her eyes are failing her enormously nowadays, so in this house there are some adventures.
Last summer f.i, she called us in agony, the rabbit had been stolen during the night, he just wasn't there!!! Neighbours girl called in and announced him safe and sound as always. The jumping little rascal is pitchblack you see.....  That same summer she called again, this time to tell us that the plastic lines we use for outdoor laundry drying, also were gone. Poor thing, she just couldn't find them among the branches. She loves the smell of sun dried laundry.
So it's adventurous for her, even if she lives in a town where someone get's shot every day.

Black current, this year we don't have much of them, since we had no mind and no strenght for it last autumn, this year has been bad indeed. But the Lord is good and offers me some at least, and some left for mother. If she can find them..I'd better go pick them for her.
And bake a blueberry pie, we have people growing them here, big ones. I like the small ones better but that means hours in the woods and ticks, frogs and wasps... Yes, the country side is a dangerous place.
So, please stay safe in the sunny days of summer and the light of the Good Saviour.

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  1. Hoping that you all have a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday with lots of wonderful experiences that you can tell us about in future blogs.

    1. Thank you dear Melvyn, we will try our very best to do that. Unfortunately, the churches in central London charge entry. I don't think there is any church in Sweden doing that, but on the other hand, all are not open. You have shown us pictures of both beautiful churches and other buildings, I hope I can match that a bit, at least!

  2. Enjoy your travels. Churches do not charge to go in unless they are St Pauls, or St Marks or Sacre Coeur, famous and full of tourist places in cities in the world. StMartins in the Fields north side of Trafalgar Square is a great church to visit and they have concerts in the evening (not free) and sometimes lunchtime concerts (free) check website for times and when you can attend church for a visit. Have a lovely time in London.

    1. Thank you Rachel, I wasn't aware that St Martins was so central!! I imagined it to be somewhere in Stratford....So we can get info on the websites? Thats fine. And St Pauls we want to see anyway! Sunday we will attend the service in the swedish church, up at Marylbone. We need a vacation and we'll do our best to make the most of it without rushing!! Bless you!!!

  3. According to popular belief, thunder is a god of the sky (Thiên Lôi); lightning is a god named La Sát whose role is to punish the wicked and the bad spirits.

  4. If you are able Solveig I suggest you visit the shrine of Julian of Norwich (c. 8 November 1342 – c. 1416) was an English anchoress and an important Christian mystic and theologian. Her Revelations of Divine Love, written around 1395, is the first book in the English language known to have been written by a woman. Julian was also known as a spiritual authority within her community, where she also served as a counsellor and advisor.[1] She is venerated in the Anglican and Lutheran churches. Also a bit further a field and perhaps too far St. Benedict's Church in Glastonbury which has a very meditative/ prayerful atmosphere - I think you would appreciate :-)