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söndag 22 maj 2016

Billy Elliot on stage!!!


And so we finally went to celebrate my husbands 50th birthday( 2 years ago..) and our 24th engagementanniversary...
Not very fancy, but we used one of his great presents for the theatre before those tickets expired and then actually stayed over night even if we don't live more than an hour and a half away!!
Sometimes you just have to be extravagant.
Billy Elliot has been one of our favouritfilms in later years, now sir Elton John was asked to make new music for a musical , written by Lee Hall.  The story is an enchanting one, with its base in 1984 and Maggie Thatchers conflicts with the coalmineunion. In this dark and despairing environment lives a small family, the mother dead, father and older brother works in the mine, grandmother living in her own world. Billy is raised to be a real man, taking boxinglessons , 50 cents per lesson, and with his future in the mine. Only, the balletclass attracts him more, to his own surprise, and all of a sudden he spends the 50 pence on ballet, father knowing nothing at first. The rest, well, I won't tell...there was a rerun on BBC this weekend, hope you managed to see it!!  We had a great time, great great performance, great music, great food, nice to be back in ones hometown, although feeling foreign and akward. Nice to have a hotelnight with BREAKFASTBUFFÉ!!!
I don't think you will find another post like this for quite some time, but now I felt like doing it.

Kings Cross?? St Pancras?? Oh no, my hometowns Grand Central Station!!!
Keep the track of time with this ancient clock!!!
Our hometown is known for its many parks, some with the canal floating right through, some with ponds and lakes, a bit like London.
Too much monkey business in the pub last night laddie??
Our hotel was finished in 1902 but on the site there have been hotels since middle of 13th century.
Our seats where ready,full house tonight- again!!!
We are one hour from the "bell" calling us in !!!
These would probably look rather silly in our livingroom, not to mention the many bumbs they would bring to the husband and oldest daughters heads!
Food was not bad at all
Every guest is a guest of honour according to our hostess Thalia!!
Tonights performance at 18.00 hours - Billy Elliot!!!
The theatre was built 1952, this fountain goes with it.
This is the church where I found my way to belief. I sang in the churchchoir for many years,
oh so many glorious Missa Brevis, so many christmases and easters.

Here  you can see and hear for  yourselves the quality of this performance, at least part of it.

I know, this is indeed foreign to many of you, but the first clip is from auditions and drills, the second is from the news reports. Many boys wanted a part, we have many talented youngsters here, boys AND girls. Such a joy watching the energy and spirit when you use Gods gifts!!
Childactors are taken good care of in Sweden, workinghours, sparetime, tutors, comfort and support. Not to mention the need of a good, friendly feeling within the group. 

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  1. Thank you for reminding me about Billy Elliot, for I now remember seeing the film which I thoroughly enjoyed.
    I have added your blog to my Blog List so I shall now be able to keep abreast of your thoughts etc.

  2. Oh thank you!! I hope its worth your while! As you can see here, my technical skills are quite narrow, my short list was doubled when I tried to add more bloggers!!! Have to ask for help again, thank God for teenagers!!!

  3. Ah' if only I was a teenager...... !

    1. We all have our go at it you know. I quite enjoy living it through from a distance...

  4. Thank you for the clips and all the photographs, Svara, it reminds me too of the film. The film is inspiring and caused quite a media storm when it was issued.

  5. Thank you for the clips and all the photographs, Svara, it reminds me too of the film. The film is inspiring and caused quite a media storm when it was issued.

    1. Yes, I can imagine but we ran in to it much later and wasn't all that bothered . The focus on stage is somewhat different, but I think it has to do with the Rainbowperspective that seem to appear everywhere. I saw the message of the film as one of respect and love for those making other choices than expected and that people can rise from very difficult circumstanses with just a little help and someone that believes in them.
      Those were tough times for many, such times will keep appearing in different shapes. God gave us the will to survive and the courage to help the helpless,