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söndag 31 juli 2016

Raspberry fields forever - how to spend the last day of leave!!

Good evening!

This morning we decided to take advantage of the sunlight and this sundays eveningservices, 
and head for Gladys's raspberryfields.  Raspberries are easier than strawberries, especially when you have such an akward hip that won't allow any deep crouching or kneestanding
without protesting .  I believed it all would go away after surgery but somehow I think they stitched me up the wrong way round and when they nailed my leg back on it took
a turn so now my foot is going inwards. I am a few inches taller too on that side so if I hurt
sometimes its only natural!!!  BUT I am alive aren't I??  Sun is shining, isn't it??
The Lord is merciful and gentle and we got 4 kilos of raspberry and about as much close encounter with nettles. Ouch. 
                   Picking along endless lines like these, side by side in friendly conversation, getting nettled twice a minute!!
It was a bit hard to stop picking, but since my husband is working today, we had to. This is some of
the treasures, now its up to me to preserve them for winter. Apples and blackberries comming up next.
In the line next to us an elderly couple was picking and we talked about sundays when the
church had a say on working and openinghours and peoples habits . We agreed it wouldn't hurt a bit if we could gather in church more often and how badly we need the commandments and the golden rule. We also agreed that it was a beautiful sunday and wished each other the best of it.
There are a great many lines of bushes, it takes more time than you expect and husband was soon in a bit of a hurry, working 13-20 today, christenings and musicalservices all afternoon.

Back at home husband got his lunch, I took some action against the horrible bananaflies, and
now some rest before jamming away!
Jamming away, that is what this is, some jars for winter, not much no, but there is the apples and the lingonberry to deal with later on. Lingonberryjam is hard currency in our family.

The eveningskye is absolutely wonderful where we live.

So, after baking  raspberrypie and storing some berries in the freezer, I went off for the eveningprayer in our closebye chapel. The eveningskye was colourful and astonishing, the
sea was calm without ripples.  Above you can listen to one of this evenings song, the lyrics are from the book of Psalms. "Only in thee my soul can find its peace, my rock and my salvation"

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  1. I don't think that your 'Lord is merciful and gentle' by allowing your leg to be sewn back wrongly. Goodness me - I'd have something strong to say about that.

  2. Oh my dear Heron, please add a fare cup of my sarcastic sense of humour in this. That too is a gift the Lord has given me. And, if I may say,
    aren't we all a bit backwards and wringed from time to time? But yes, I do grumble about it.

  3. This is off topic you might find interest in a film I was in - so paste this into your browser

    1. I will do this after todays deeds!!
      Very exciting!!

    2. I have began to watch this, it is indeed very interesting and in some ways close to the spiritual developments in the north, where we live. In our past however, there is blood and violence involved, sacrifices f.i. It is amazing to see the skills of the people building those hills and caves!!! No idle time there! Fascinating .