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lördag 6 augusti 2016



This will be a somewhat grumpy post!!
Today its a sunny and beautiful day, two weddings awaits me in one of our churches and one of the brides had her
confirmationday 7 years ago with this minister.
Every time this happends or they come with their newborns for the christening, I feel old. However, I have yet to wed someone I have baptized, ...
Here you can listen to classical, swedish weddingmarches!!!

Anyway, the topic for the sundayservice is Faith and Life.
Today some people, many, say that they can't believe in what they can't see, but I think that is really all we do.
We believe in the internet and have faith in it, but we can't see it. We pay money we can't see with our Visa, we practise Yoga to find inner peace that we can't see,
technicians put faith in tools to fix our netproblems, that can't be handled and can't be seen.

And now also we run all over the place to capture monsters that most of us can't see...
They say its so good for the teenagers and children because they go outdoors and use their feet and legs to walk, run and bike their way round instead of sitting by their laptops (like me right now) all day.
Well, not ONLY children, adults as well. Buying groceries the other day, I had to jump aside for a man in his early thirties, running his trolley and staring hard at his mobile.
I read in the papers that some stops can be found around the railroadtracks causing dangerous situations.
Also in church and in the churchyards they run around,
crossing graves and disturbing prayers.

Perhaps I am just oldfashioned, maybe I should contact that gamecompany and make them provide us with a fullscaled gospelversion of the hunt!!! And yes, my girls hunt and so do some of my friends....hm...
And the other day the oldest one discovered that she could catch pokemons from the backseat of the car....
What could that lead to on the highways...???

It's true we believe in what we don't see and set our hopes and faith to it. But we find the traces of the unseen everywhere and really should be hunting for 
the miracles of grace happening in peoples lifes everyday. But, there is no business in that, is there?
Not in weddings either, but at least I can see, feel and hear the young couple, the music, the singing and crying, the rustling of beautiful clothes in the benches.
The prayers and blessings for those two may be invisible but it is indeed, very very real.

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  1. An interesting post.
    If you wed someone that you baptised. Would that not mean that you were either a widow or divorced ?
    Incidentally we are attending a wedding in a hotel today and I must get ready.