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måndag 29 augusti 2016

Autumn is approaching, but not yet!!

When everything quiets down, the sounds and the smells and the skyviews keep altering.
I have seen some very lovely pictures of latesummer and earlyautumn scenery so I am just adding some myself here.
Melancholy grips me at times, today I took a walk through the churchyard, stopping by the headstones of people I knew and people I held funerals for. Autumn is a good time for autumn thoughts, thoughts of life passing too quickly, natures going to rest, decay, losses you have made, things you didn't get around to do, choices never taken, calls never made, voices you will never hear again. But there is still time for life and sunshine, we have some warm days left, and the crops are not all in yet.  Chestnuts have not began to shower its fruits all over the place and the trees are still green although some have turned yellow.  And life goes on, its just that it takes different turns than you are used to, and some people becomes vivid memories to carry in your heart. In autumn, the Lord provides the peaceful pondering and the joyous choirpractise, beginning on wednesday!!!

The last days of last week were warm and sunny, breakfast outside, lunch outside, dinner outside.
Friday night I met some friends in a tiny cottage in the woods, the air crisp and nice, darkness slowly sinking as we sat on the porch talking.  Saturday came, hot and sunny, perfect for that christening in the garden of a little boy in my parish.  Saturday afternoon came, hot and sunny and perfect for
a kickoff with the churchchoir, just watch this wonderful place hidden way behind the farm, the land, the woods and the dusty barns
You can't see but this field is covered with bluebells.

Right across here is that island I wrote about earlier this year, and look at these rock!

A quiet evening only disturbed by the choir singing and talking.

The remains of small cottages can be seen, but most of all they left many old appletrees.

And so evening came and the night was clear but...early sundaymorning this was the state of the skies above

Look at those ripples in the heavenly sandbed
What are you hiding?
Someone has been wipping the clouds to a turmoil and thunder is heard from afar, and very soon it was right over us and thunder and rain kept rolling for a couple of hours.

The sundaymass was a celebration with just a handful of people, a dousin perhaps. After church, the skies slowly began to clear and in the afternoon we took the girls and payed the Icecream and Herringboat a visit before it closes up for winter and goes into docking. Fried herring and mashed potatoes, onions and sallad. Oh, and icecream in large cones.
A small bay separates coast and coast, in the middle this small Rabbitisland is found.

In the harbour you can find this piece of art, square stones with words on each side, so you can turn them and make your own poetry. A new poem for every new person turning the stones. The options are limited, but its rather interesting anyway.

All summer long the small boats keep coming to our small town by the sea , imagine that rough thunderstorm just a few hours ago. Strange time of year this is!!

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  1. It is strange how people in different countries see the months of the year. In Ireland August is the first month of Autumn, in England August is the last month of Summer. Myself, I view the year as having three seasons: Winter, Spring and a Summer that ends at Samhain which this year is November 7th.

  2. In Sweden, september is the first month of autumn. But, as the climatechange marches on, we have but three seasons as well. We have scarcely any winters at all in the south parts of Sweden. Up north the ice is slowly melting, the glacieres are diminishing bit by bit. So we have summer, autumn, autumn and spring. Samhain is it?? Some of those ancient festivals you are celebrating, mr Heron??? I hope you enjoyed my pictures. I enjoyed the film about Irelands ancient history and I will look into that other film as well!! Have a nice late summer! And Mel, ministers don't really retire either.....!!!

  3. Yes, 9 celebratory rituals a year and most of them out in the open in our thick black woollen robes with hoods to keep our heads warm and deep sleeves to hide our hands in on cold nights.

  4. Your treat after church sounds delicious. How mysterious about why the cottages are no longer there; nice the apple trees survived.

  5. Hello new friend, nice of you to drop in!!
    Well you see, the old cottages might have taken their last turn 1987 when we had some stormtroopermassivemanouververymaleandpompous kind of militarygig in our archipelago, they actually shot and drove down everything in sight with their tanks and guns. Thank God some of the appletrees survived, there are both wild apples and carefully pampered ones. And yes, the Icecreamboat is a real treat!! And do see that film, it was well worth it!

  6. Here in the US we celebrate this coming Monday as Labor Day so a holiday. It has always seemed to mark the beginning of Fall/autumn. It has finally cooled down somewhat here in the middle of the country (Kansas) which is very welcome. Still have some flowers blooming and buds all over the mums, my favorite Fall flowers. I enjoyed your post today!

    1. Hello Joyce!
      Kansas!! NIce , my map is filling up!! So you have Labour Day as well, we have something similar, the 1st of May when people are marching for better rights and the political leaders, mostly of the left wing, hold speaches whereever they are invited. I am very curious to know what the flower "mum" looks like. Do you happend to have a picture on your blog?? We have some very nice too, I'll post a pictures soon. Thank you for that nice comment!