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fredag 19 augusti 2016

No comments and no nice visitors!!


Well, as you know I am rather new in the bloggerworld, about 6 months old,  and have lots of things to learn from you nice and experienced bloggers.
I find it so very inspiring to read and comment on most things you write, it becomes a part of my daily life. I follow people in different parts of the world, and learn a lot from that.
The things I share with you on my two blogs are sometimes commented on and I am very pleased with that but wish there was more, much more. Still, I have to be patient and become somewhat more established here. But please,  do give comments, I like talking to you and the conversations I do have I enjoy a lot!!

Now for a problem I'd like to bring up.  I take a look every day to see if there has been visitors. Some of you have blockings of different kinds to prevent unwanted comments, but how can I prevent bad visitors?  I check it up if its a webaddress I don't recognize and sometimes its ok but all too often its something disgusting hiding in that link and I realize no one wanted to read my blog, they wanted to lure me into something .  
How can I prevent bad visitors and get only the good ones? The real people that is, not a commercial site with dubious intentions.
I want visitors here and am so happy to find readers from distant corners of this earth. Korea, Australia, India, you name it!! Welcome, I say, but please only open my doors if you have the best intentions and polite behaviour, if you are curious about my world and way of thinking and love the bloggerworlds kind interest in other people.
Commersial robotvisitors are not welcome!!   Any good advice about this, blogfriends???

Wishing you all a blessed and bright weekend!! Mine is filled with weddings and christenings,
this afternoon I baptized a little boy in one of our villages, on a spot overlooking the sea.
Grandma and some others had baked 12 kinds of pastry plus two large cakes with frosting on.
And flowers.  And some serious conversation over a cup of coffee.  I am blessed!!!
The ocean last weekend. Surfers paradise?
And so, the other evening, everything calmed down.
The smaller beach is deserted, only the more bold will from now on have a dip!
Some of the smaller beautiful boats still lingers in the harbour.
Finally, dusk is falling and the quiet sea is barely visible. We took the small path home, through the woods, carefully minding our step!!!

5 kommentarer:

  1. I keep unwanted commentators at bay by moderating my blog. My very first blog was attacked and stolen from me mainly because my password was weak.So when I started my current blog I tightened everything up and that is why I have a warning about swearing. My commentators are decent people and do not use swear words. Give it time is my advice FT xx

  2. Thank you, Heron!!
    Yes, I think so too. I never had any unwanted commentors, just bad visitors so far. If I do get bad comments, I will follow your advice and tighten up with moderations. You really are great support!!!

  3. It takes a while to build up commentators. I used to have quite a few but now I post less regularly I get less but I don't really mind at the moment as I am so busy! It is a good idea to visit blogs you like and comment, then people often reciprocate and they place you in their blog list which their visitors may well click on if a title catches their eye. I haven't had many trolls but when I did, I just don't publish their comments as all comments need to be reviewed before publication. I think the pictures you post help- I don't post enough pictures I sometimes think, also sometimes people won't read very long blog posts is my feeling. I hope that helps:)

  4. Thank you, Suem, that was a very helpful comment. Yes, I try to comment on as much as I feel good about or that catches my eye. This blogging is just as much making friends as it is writing and hoping someone likes it.. I already feel a good connection with a few!!!

  5. THANK YOU so much for coming to visit my blog and for leaving a comment. I would very much like a 'follow' you button on your blog so I can sign up. Then I will know when you make a post...it will come over in my email.