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måndag 10 oktober 2016

Button up your overcoat!! It's autumn in the world!

Dear friends out there, now it really is autumn. Everywhere. A friend of mine said yesterday that in his life he had felt that autumn came in May.  It gives a certain touch to the image of autumn - sad, cold, dying, dark and hopeless.  I for one like autumn, but it really appeared somewhat surprising.  Two weeks ago we could walk the streets in our bare sleeves, not so long ago we still had 27 degrees celcius and could easily sit in the garden with our afternoon cupper or even supper.  Today we had around 7-9 degrees and I can assure you we had no wish to run around in t-shirt. All the rain we longed for in august and september has finally emerged, all at once.  Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgivingday in church, complete with churchchoir, apples, eggs, carrots, chestnuts, leaves, flowers and potatoes as well as one little girl to be baptized and some 20 teenagers receiving their bibles, lightgreen this year!!  Outside the storm was raging along with the fallen leaves.  Still, thinking about that wretched Mitchell and the absolute menace a storm can be, I can't complain.  These poor haitian, everything is wiped out, more than 900 hundred dead and over 21000 houses gone totally and just as many badly damaged.

In Syria, peace is far away, in other parts of the world nations are sharpening knifes to take part of the golden market of power. Borders being drawn in wrong places, watersupplies being injustly determined, oil being worth a fortune, poverty and hopelessness forcing young men to take desperate and illchosen action to make a difference, create some reputation for themselves and become somebody.  In Sweden we are powering up to throw the afghany boys out. Lonely, lost and scared boys, some of them have but 1-5 years in school, they know that drafting awaits them if they are sent back. Many of them actually come from Iran, where the refugees are counted in millions, just as in Lebanon and Jordania. Shame on us in Europe, if there is no room for the thousand that seeks shelter, something must be very wrong with the way our societies and countries are built up. If the burden is shared, the weakest can walk upright.

Still, this weekend was a delight, we must be able to give thanks for what we actually have and share it as much as we can. Four people I baptized, one turned 19 last week, one turns 4 next month, two were just babies.  I finished the photobook I started on and tonight I finished some
jars of pickled gingerpears. 
AND - it seems my shoulder might not be frozen after all!! 100 percent certain we can't be until next week but it would seem I just have a severe inflammation hurting bad. 
Saying that, I hope you all are well. I read your posts but can't comment on most of them, I wish wish wish this will soon pass and Gurgle will let me back in to harass people with my comments. That is half the fun!! You have such nice posts, I love them!!

Here are some sunsetting pictures taken the other evening, soon the trees will be all bare!!
But for a long time I couldn't add any pictures, Blogger said they couldn't be found....I knew it, I am being erased,  I know, there are issues more important and problems a lot more devastating than these, both in my life and in the world, but...why???  Could we perhaps join forces, I know some of you have experienced problems recently with your blogger account.
Just as I wrote that, the pictures popped out of the grey mist. There they are!!

Mean while, we have several elections and decisions to be taken by the high and mighty in the worlds leading offices and fists being raised and voices being silenced . God help us to make the right choices, take the best paths, clear our minds and hearts so we won't be deceived.
On the news right now they are debating the outcome of this nights Trump-Clinton meeting.
I'm sorry they both carry ghosts in the machinery, some americans are very confused.
And whatever the outcome, this election WILL have an impact on all of us.
And now Andzrej Wajda is dead, wonderful man telling important truths to us.

On my other blog, I try to turn my random thoughts into novels. I write about situations I have experienced but also fiction that mirrors parts of my life. They are no Pulitzerstuff but I would like to know what you think.
A few minutes of glorious sunlight from the setting sun on our belltower!!

The trees are changing rapidly, soon there will be only the silhouette
The sky is on fire, every night with a clear view, I get stuck with my face turned up
Close to the churchyard the magnificent trees are burning

And so the flaming ball of light sets behind the barn and night falls quickly

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