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fredag 21 oktober 2016

Carrie Frances Fisher - the brightest shining 60 year old!!! Happy birthday!!


                                   Oh, how she hated those cinnamonbuns by the ears!

Well, we don't just do memorials here, we also celebrate birthdays.
This evening we spent a couple of hours with the sweet and enchanting film Willow starring Warwick Davis, a most talented and stunninglooking actor. As we discussed the talent of short actors, we mentioned the name Kenny Baker, an actor that regrettably left us this summer, and of course slided over to his unforgettable character R2D2 that in a wink of an eye made us think about Carrie Fisher and ....oh dear if it isn't her birthday!!  She was born 21 of october 1956, daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.   Yes, I know, I didn't finish the post in time!!

There are many great actresses in this world, great for many reasons, I might add.
An actor can get us spellbound , lead us into new worlds or confront us with emotions we never knew we had. Carrie is not that brilliant glorious shining star that can take on any character and make it her own. Not yet. But she is very real, very downtoearth, very earnest. Very easy to be fond of. I have never seen a more beautiful princess in such an ugly hairdo. Her perfect timing and hilarious sense of humour gave that Leia a strenght we could admire. Not just one of those blond ,giggling , longlegged woman that covered the screen in the 70-ties, leaving the action to the tough boys. She was a hero to count on.
Here she is, selling Star Warstickets with one other great woman, Ellen Degeneres.

Now, Carrie was very pretty when she was young although she hated some of the clothes she had to wear in Star Wars. She is still a very beautiful woman, but life has been rough for her. I expect it's not always a shining highway being the child of famous parents.
In her book " Wishful drinking" she is very earnest on these matters, very personal and that is what really gets to you. She did a stage show based on the book, among other things, it was one of the best I've seen. We laughed, cried and felt ever so close to this woman. In these moments, she could have been anyones sister and we would gladly chat over a cup of coffee.  
One of the more strange characters is the one of Jake Blues's girlfriend in Blues Brothers. This is also one of those moments that you realize that actresses can be so much more than mindless bimbos, if ever you had that thought! Blues Brothers is a must, not just because of Carrie, it's the full monty. This film reminds us of two things, don't stop believing and never ever deceive a beautiful woman.

So happy birthday to you, Carrie! Brave, funny, talented, generous and smart. And as for the timing, well, look at this:

May you always be true to yourself and may we appreciate the blessings you have been given. Thank you for sharing so much!
And may you never loose that sharp mind and warm heart. May your road rise to meet you and your new year be blessed.
If you can spare ten minutes, view this clip from the stage event Wishful Drinking. And this is not only for middleaged women, my husband loved this show!
On Youtube, you'll find, as I did, hours of great material!!

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  1. Wonderful clips! I have heard Carrie Fisher being interviewed on the radio recently and am definitely going to get her book now. Freda at Dalamory