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söndag 16 oktober 2016

Stooormy weather in the world!!!

The world seems to be in a turmoil right now.
Adding gasoline to the fire, an army of clowns are raging and rampaging through , mostly internet, but also streets and shrubbery. Every time the world is on fire these things have a tendency of appearing, pranks turning into harassment, childplay turning into streetwar.
I can understand that people loose control and get bewildered and confused, taking the strangest actions, but we have to put a stop to this evilbetweenneighbours- events.
Now this sunday the subject was Responsibility and the appeal was to care for those unfortunate that live next to us. Sackaios in his Sycamoretree was taught a very important lesson, his life turned completely after this meeting.  We are right now surrounded by unfortunate people, that is, they are unfortunate due to causes beyond their means of stopping it. We can't stop the wars and the ungoing bloodshed, but we can make life a bit brighter and easier for our next of kin.  Once they where independent, welleducated people, with houses, cats, children, gardens , cars and boats, income and outcome, parties and schoolmeetings. 
They didn't ask for this.
But as it is, they have to cope on a strange arena, with no means of their own. Strange language, strange customs, strange culture. No space, no place, no work, no money, no identity, robbed of safety, memories, normal life, family and daily work.  Our job is to keep them safe, seen, heard, valid and worthy. We have no olives to save, no grapes in the vineyard, but we have everything they haven't.  What are borders and religion when you have a fellow human being in front of you, just asking to be seen and respected??  What will happend to our afghani boys when they send them back?  They have been promised safety, but fear drafting. Many of them can hardly read. My appeal to the EU is to drop the petty issues of trade and regulations and concentrate on solving the refugee situation.  I know, I'm ignorant as a magpie when it comes to politics, but they are millions!!! People, humans, men and women, children, sisters and brothers, grandmothers, siblings, carpenters , teachers and gardeners, yes, they are a figure in the statistics but can't be treated like you treat the tradefares. 

In my rather gloomy world autumn is raging for sure. A few roses and buds still to go, most apples have fallen, right now rain is falling and we've had stormy weather for some days, making the daily walk a rather challenging event.

One single rose....

S.t Nicholas church behind autumn leaves
Some angels flew out after St Michaels day, and decided to stay close to us!!

Lovely bunch, aren't they?? This is a very special maple, splendid in its grandeur!!
Nature sometimes takes a loopingtour for us to be enchanted by.
Low water, low flight, waves are rolling high but yesterday much higher

No more bathing and no more lying down catching smallfish and shellfish. Watch, however, the gulls in a row!!

Hanging there as a greeting from summer gone and summer to come!!

And what in heavens name is this?? Some kind of mushroom?? Covering the entire treetrunk.

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  1. We all have to learn to greet everyone like a long lost friend. To do this we have to find our own confidence and not be shy or reserved when greeting a stranger. For when we treat everyone with respect our own self esteem grows and theirs too.
    So folks on this blog you are reading a message from two people with very different belief systems and yet we both understand what is needed to make this world a better place to live in.
    You can put our suggestions into use at no cost!