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måndag 3 oktober 2016


Goodevening, or rather; Goodnight! (its past midnight...)

I am still alive, my new glasses are not ready yet so I see everything through fringes...thank you all for your concern for my eyes!!!!
Having the day off I had the enormous privilege of everything that a weekday off can give....
that is, laundry, dishes, vaccuuming, and.......watching the news without interruptions,
settling in the sofa with a large cup of tea to watch my favourite show - the antique Roadshow,
AR!! Today from Herefordshire.  Such a treat, isn't it, Tom?? 
I love watching those enthusiasts and real nerds, knowing every spot and initial. And all these people going; "Oh God, I could never believe it was worth that much. Not that I will ever sell it...!"   We have the show in Sweden as well, they payed our town a visit some years ago.  
Watching the news is not at all that inspiring.  Hungarians voted No to 1500 refugees, Colombia voted No to the peacetreaty, USA is raged with Russia for bombing hospitals in Syriah and
the americans are very ambivalent now that the actual election is closing up. So much that many plans to vote for the one candidate in order to at least slow the other one down, but still believing in none of them!!   And the UK is speeding up the startingpoint of Brexit.. And the hurricane Michael is raging along the jamaican coast and is now turning it's devastating breath towards the poor Haitians, they haven't finished repairing after that large earthquake some years ago!! We pray for courage, open minds, common sense and resources to help!

This sunday we celebrated St Michaels day, the Archangel taking up the fight with Satan himself. Oddly enough, we often turn to the children this sunday, filling up with cute little angels, childrenchoirs singing sweet songs with wings on their backs ( the children, not the songs) and everything being pink, fluffy and cozy.. No, I don't mind really, but I do have an urge to bring forth the strenght and glory of Gods angels. No fluff. They are powerful, fearless, beaming and comforting. 

Here is Gustave Dorés illustration of Jakob and the wrestling with the angel.

This is not a plant from heaven, even if it is of great beauty, especially now, its a Rhus typhina,  rowan sumac, or as we call it " Monkeytree". It is actually more like a weed, because the roots shoots away beneath the ground, pops up in all the wrong places and becomes a tree before you know what hit you. Roots are thicker than hawsers and last autumn it invaded our small greenhouse. To get rid of it, we have to lift the frame and glass up and dig it out!

We dont have a fireplace, but those who does are filling up for the dark months!

Soon they will have a good, long winters rest, but we are in the middle of the great Pike-
festival, so hold your horses. As long as the weather holds, these boats go out for some odd herring, codfish or perhaps flounder.
Later this sunday, this merry jazzband came to visit and gave a concert with mostly New Orleans jazz and plenty of spirituals, in the local chapel. I was called in to do some vocals and hold a sermon. In an inperceptible way, I seem to have become the jazzpriest!!
I ventured an angel sermon with no fluff.

What with the bad shoulder?? Well, when its starting , the decay, it really is doing a great job.
Last wednesday my shoulder started to ache, more and more. In the evening,  I kept moaning all the time. Calling the doctor, I was told it had to wait a few days to see if it passed with painkillers and rest. It didn't. That concert was a very stiff performance!
Today I saw my housedoctor and after squeezing and jolting, pulling and banging, avoiding my attempts to knock him down, he produced two large syringes with cortisone....
If they won't do the trick, he was afraid I might have something called Frozen shoulder...
Frozen yoghurt I've heard of...even eaten ,but this!! Well, it will keep me from shrugging ,  forcing me to answer clearly to all questions.
By the way, I still can't comment your posts, the rain and wind has reached us and temperature is below 15 degrees celcius. IT IS AUTUMN!!! 

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  1. I suggest that you take Omega 3-6-9 at four a day. Frozen shoulders only last for 12 months and then correct themselves, I have had the condition in both of mine and all is well now. You might also go for a Swedish neck and shoulder massage once every 2 weeks for that will help too.

  2. Oh, gosh! I've never heard of frozen shoulder it sounds terribly painful. I hope you are doing much better by the time you read this.