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onsdag 21 september 2016

Ever since King David struck a chord on his harp....music, music, music!!

Good evening!
I have told you before that I love the cinema. Some of you also know I have been singing with different churchchoirs for 35 years or so. Music was always present from my childhood days, mother was always humming and buzzing tunes from the radiogrammophone, Sinatra, Ella F, Elvis and so on. Grandmother had one of those old recordplayers with records from her youth like Mario Lanza and Jussi Bjorling. She actually dated Jussi once, think of that!!!
My cousin on the other hand, the one I blew up modeltrains with, also had a very large passion for classical music and passed  that over to me.  By the time I turned 10 I had everything from Puccini to Mahalia Jackson on my hitlist. Elvis was King in our house, as well as Benny Goodman and Count Basie. Oh well, I listened to Abba and Sweet and such, and through the years I had a grand collection of records. Those were of course also the days of the taperecorder, waiting patiently by the radio to press the button in the exact moment to avoid the talking.

Please listen to one of our favourite Vloggers - John Cozart alias Paint. This boy I have shown you before , on my Harry Potter-post. If you like, you can also search the net for his thoughts on the presidential election - Politiclash.  But here he takes us on a journey through classical music in his own way!  Enjoy!

This is one of my favourites, although I very seldom listen to slow music. Ella rules!

When I grew up, we shared several things, we all followed the skistar Ingemar Stenmark on the tv-set. We watched Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe fight in the tenniscourt. We listen to Abba, standing in front of the mirror with a skippingrope as a mike. I also listened to Queen, ELO and that odd couple in Sparks. We enjoyed the fact that a swede, Bjorn Skifs got to the Billboard top with Hooked on a feeling. 

I bet you never heard this Queen-song and if you did, please sing along!!!

Yes, music was everywhere. In Sweden we only had one tv-channel for many years, two when I started school. In highschool, those with good economy could get themselves MTV!!! Like in the old days when only one or two had a radio or tv-set and the neighbours came to listen, we gathered at Mats house to watch "Thriller".
Still, through all this there was a shimmering light that was classical music,  luck would have it I found a man with similar taste in music, so we could go to concerts in the lovely theatre we had. My favourites where few, Beethoven was no1, Dvorak, Haydn and Prokofiev came close. 
Handel and Strauss was also good, Mozart followed up with the gigantic choir I was a part of, singing Missa Brevis in all kinds of tunes. 

Here you can listen to the march from The love of the three oranges by Prokofiev!! I find him most vigourating and exciting.

One thing you must listen to is the swedish master - Eric Ericson and his OD-choir.  Once in my life I have seen him live, old and very much alive he was!!! This short little piece was broadcasted several years after that, I think he has passed 90 here....

Speaking of choirs, you can't avoid Academy of St Martin in the Fields conducted by the brilliant sir Neville Merriner. Here is "Lacrymosa"

So what king David did was to sooth the mind of that poor bewildered Saul. Well, he wasn't king at the time and if he kept playing I don't know but he did dance!! Not many of those ancient kings have done any serious dancing. But it was to praise and celebrate in the temple.
God gave us music as well as chocolate. Music reaches the human heart like nothing else. Praise and worship through music can make the holy Spirit even more overwhelming. As I sang in the churchchoir, slowly approaching that which was holy, I got so touched by some of the songs that resistance was futile.  I have seen imprisoned sorrow burst out when music got its way through. 
I have seen stonehearted people turn to living and glowing persons .
If you enjoy music, feel free to comment !! I'd love to know some of your cherished pieces!
And now I will add just one more, my highly beloved John Williams!!

Here is the theme from "Schindlers list" performed by Itzhak Perlman.

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  1. Ahhhh. Beautiful post. I love music. All kinds. Being the church organist/choir director, I am immersed in 'church' music. Nothing classical, or difficult, having only 9 faithfuls on a good day. Still, though what we sing is simple, the words still speak to the heart, ours and the congregation. We sing as an act of praise, from our lips to God's ears. I am glad God has a sense of humour.