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tisdag 27 september 2016

Gurgle?? Silence is golden??!!


Yesterday was a most troublesome day, and confusing.

We went to town, that is, the somewhat larger town out west, to prepare me for the somewhat frightening eyesurgery the optician had councelled me to do. 
Slightly nervous we had lunch , did some shopping and up to the clinic. This was my first contact with the actual doctor and his nurses.  Eyecontrol wasn't especially good, I couldn't read anything !  They gave me those horrid drops that makes the pupil grow and ouch how stingy that was!!  
Right, the doctor greeted me, complete with surgeryhat, and examined me by throwing cascades of sunlight into my eyes and telling me to keep eyes wide open......
Eventually he sad that the cataract wasn't as bad as the optician had thought, he wanted me to get new glasses and wait a couple of years, if it didn't get worse more rapidly.
Alright, first I had a shock at the optician some weeks ago but I have come to terms with it, telling my friends about it and asking for moral support.
Now I had another shock and met my husband in the waitingroom with face filled with mixed emotions. So, back to the optician, select new frames, seeing my bankaccount shrink, and out in the painful sunlight. And no, I didn't select any coloured frames, my personality is far too reclusive...no actually, I haven't got the courage to be bold.
Still, I am a bit relieved, I did fear for that surgery. I should be ashamed really, for many people a surgery like that is beyond reach, but here it comes with the healthinsurance.

Back home, I had hoped that frustrating situation concerning the blog, was over! But no. Only those bloggers that have a commentarea demanding name/URL or captchas , are available to me . My blogname, Fairtrader, or FT ....., isn't valid anymore.  So, if you by any chance notice that there are no comments from me, Google has a thorn in its side for me! 
With any luck, this problem is gone with a Gurgle+ before I know it. Meanwhile,  I will drop in and take part of your interesting blogs and Perpetuas sermon, in complete silence.
Silence is golden.     But not on my blog!!!

The truth of the free of heart and mind are kept locked up in the vaults of darkness.
                         But that lock is not enough for those who seek, they will find a way. That lock can't
                       keep the truth , because life is in the truth, death lurks in the vault. And death is
For the truth of life and death is still obvious to the eyes of those who live in the light. That brings hope. And hope is needed these days.
           Darkness can't win over Light, I wish we would dare to believe it!!
Its funny how things can look beautiful when in the light, that goes for people too!
Even greater when people are being lit up from inside, that is blessed!!
                         A blessed day to you all!!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh' go on be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone and buy some wildly coloured glasses and what you will receive are loads of smiles from strangers. Your man Jesus wasn't shy about stepping forward and in speaking out. So why do you need to be so shy ?

  2. I agree with Svara...be wild and daring! Allow your soul to fly with new great glasses.


  3. Hi Solveig, I gather from your comment on my blog that you are starting to resolve the problems with access and comments.
    Re your eye problems, I just hope your new spectacles enable you to continue to read and enjoy your cyberworld and blogging. Blessings from Freda at Dalamory.