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fredag 16 september 2016

It's nice to be rich!!!


Bad moon rising?? No, a really ordinary moon with a bad mobile camera!!!

As I am trying to close the chapters of this day, I must ponder on the issue of wealth.
The theme for this sundays services is Rich before God.'
I never did have any money, we never had any money in our family. My mother and I lived in rather simple and somewhat scruffy apartments.  At the age of seven I experienced my first bathroom with running hot water in the taps. Luxury!!
Still I have learned through the years that money is a blessing and a curse and you really don't know when the coin flips and the odds are altered. 
Being rich is something entirely different than one imagines..
I have met people during my time in church, that has considered themselves rich and fortunate while living in a dump with nothing but burned out cigarettes and stenched wallpaper around them. The fortune lies within.
For some people it is the very vigorous memories of days past and people long gone, that keep them walking in the sun.  Being grateful is not a feeling that wins any awards today, being content is even more forgotten and scorned.
The other day I was making a housecall, a family that recently had been torn apart completely by death and months of pain and misery. It was a very sad meeting, but in the middle of the
disaster, looking at the house, in quite a bad shape, there was some shimmering light.
I could almost reach out and touch it. The smallest glimps of hope.

When I left the house, I had to pass the garage where various vehicles in various states of decay was lined up. In the garage three older boys was standing, all with baggy jeans and linens, caps, small beards, tatoos and all.  I went over to them, got a hug and in half an hour I left the garage with my head filled with the chatter and enthusiasm that only boys in love with their cars can upbring. They talked, wawed, bullied and mocked eachother. I was shown films and pictures from recent carexhibitions and races, some pictures taken from quite dangerous angles.
In between we talked about the cross, the church, the beliefs and unbeliefs.
When I walked back , I felt more rich than I ever had .
So when I look back to see the state of my wealth this far, the figures are no frontpage story.
I'll never get an account at Gringotts or any other bank for that matter. We couldn't even get a loan for the house we wanted, we're rich as far as liabilities are concerned.  But otherwise,
yes, I'm rich.
I just have to check the proper accounts, the once that lie within. Precious metals, bonds and real estates, diamonds and emeralds, piggy banks fatter than Jabba the Hut.  Nonono.
But within I treasure meetings, short rays of light, passing ships, moments of worship, lyrics that tore holes right through, people sharing life, flowers in bloom, sunsets, minutes that starts shimmering within hours of darkness. I treasure faith against the odds.
Not my picture, but I saw one of these hawks today!!! Yes!!

Treasures that can't be locked in, won't give interest, can't be stolen, doesn't need bank vaults, alarms or heavy armed guards. It's nice to be rich.  I could get used to it.  I just have to pray for that neccesary clear vision and total lack of ambition. 
I don't really need anything - but I'm given more than I can handle, that's life for you, the life of a very wealthy woman!! If you find yourself poor, look again!
                                        This beautiful rose was a gift from a friend, planted two years ago, this year it gave us only three roses!!!  

 A musicsheet is what pops out of my heart from time to time when I feel I must give something back . It doesn't correspond to my wealth, but it's mine to give!  



2 kommentarer:

  1. I love the photo of your moon! Well done! I feel like music is a huge testament of joy of our soul. Your post is very nice.


  2. Thank you Linda! I never thought I'd get any credit for THAT picture!!I wonder if anyone got a good shot of the harvest moon that was up the other night. I didn't. And yes, music IS pure joy, and I always loved singing some songs more than others. They say my songs are a bit melancholic, well, that's Sweden for you!!