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söndag 25 september 2016

The badhipdestructive???


Is it just me or have the lot of you changed the access to your blogs? I can't comment on anything, it seems that I now have to choose an ID and I never had to do that before.  None of the options seems to work for my part , I'm directed or rejected.
What am I suppose to do???
I want to keep my nice and interesting bloggerfriends and make my idle comments.
Please please, let me back in, I promise to be polite and behave like someone from the UK, not like the raging Viking you were telling us about, Mel!!
Live long and prosper, I come in peace,  please do not be alarmed!!

The horsechestnut is opening up, these spiky fruits are good for preaching actually.
Which reminds me of todays sermon in Prague, hope it went well Perpetua, I'll tune in!!!
Here we celebrated sunday mass this afternoon,  together with our rural dean who is actually a woman. This is very common in Sweden, we have woman bishops as well of course!

The birch is actually turning yellow, so autumn is approaching although temperature is still at 18 degrees celcius.

While I'm at it I might as well tell you that we had a large service in town today, sundaymass for our seven different parishes around here, with the focus on deacons and their work. We were about a hundred singers in the choir, plus 4 strings and the piano.  We sang Mozarts Clarinet concert, Alta Trinita Beata, Jesu bleibet, Ave verum corpus and a couple of swedish songs, new  ,with  week and soddy lyrics, not very much gospel in them!!
Nice to celebrate so many, and with such a great choir!!

Tomorrow I'll deal with the cataract in my eyes and go for some minor surgery, I'm quite nervous but it shouldn't be worse than the hip, should it???

2 kommentarer:

  1. Solveig I commiserate with you.
    Access to blogs is all down to Google. I experienced this unnecessary nuisance a few weeks ago, just hang on and it will eventually be cleared and so to will your eye be better a lot quicker than the hip replacement.

  2. Solveig, I have been having the same problem with many blogs and seem to have to sign in as fb or google before I can comment. I've given up fighting it and now add on to my comment something like Blessings from Freda of Dalamory!
    Incidentally, I have had problems with your link, and have only just managed to find you again via a google search! Great to be here!