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tisdag 6 september 2016

Wisdom or unwisdom?


Before I go to sleep I wanted to share a thought or two.
The future is something constantly changing, as we see it.  We have a saying about time and worries that you probably heard: Yesterday has passed, tomorrow is still uncertain but today the Lord will help.
We live in turbulent times, all kinds of efforts are needed to cope with everything.  You need political skills to survive in politics, you need great knowledge to be able to argue on important issues, create new inventions or keep business going. You need wisdom and sincerety to lead people forward, to lead way, to comfort and find solutions, to solve problems and work people through conflicts and misunderstandings. You need faith and courage to protect the interests of the weak and voiceless, to see clear where everyone else fails.
Confident young people can take a safe grip of things when they get a chance, but they need to be taken seriously, they need to be given responsibility, they need a chance to take part of what the world needs and what society has to offer. The future is relying on them, but they need guidance.   What troubles me is that the world of today, especially the western world, is so
profoundly specified that there is no room for oddjobs, no room for wise people with low grades, no place for handy men.   We suffer from the constant progress and increasing stress and lack of resources.  Students can't get practise any longer. No place, no time, no idea.

Young people in my time had plenty of opportunities to get weeks of practise in all kinds of areas. Those were the open-arms-days. I had weeks of practise in all kinds of places, with
plenty to do, people to ask, chanses to make contact and create possibilities for future work.
The swedish school is suffering greatly, low grades are standard in some schools, a high percentage of students leave before exams, many postpones University studies, plenty of young students have no chance to get good practise and once out of school they won't get employment because the lack of practise. So tight are the schedule that very few have time for a student, so sophisticated are the routines that a teenager can't take part, so few simpler tasks are there that a young student could spend useful time learning a trade.
The world, and right now I only refer to my own country, needs doctors, nurses, teachers, ministers, carpenters, painters, electricians, you name it.  Young people start their education but sometimes have to drop out because of the lack of practise.
Wisdom and visions are good to have, knowledge needs to be combined. 
We need to give our young the tools they need, the time they need, the opportunity they need to get a good look at what might be their future occupation. We need to see clearly on what the world actually needs to hold hope alive. Hope, life, light and respect, wisdom and knowledge , heart and hand, all are needed.  We have to turn and pull the brakes for a while, progress is racing past us, we need to slow down and think things through.

Ho ho like an owl, might be Pigwidgeon??

The other day we met this abandoned young eared owl, he was awake and confused, abandoned by the grownups, not knowing how to deal with the situation. It made me think of what happends when we leave our children with nonsufficient knowledge and support, they will stay on their branch until someone knocks them down. That would be Unwisdom.

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  1. Thank you Linda! I'm not sure if you mean my post or that sweet picture of the infant owl, but I was hoping for both.
    I take it you know what I mean, because where you live it is vital for youngsters to have both knowledge and practise to survive and gain a sensible confidence.

  2. Thank you for that post. I agree with you. We do need to slow down and make sure we know what we're doing and it is our young people who suffer.
    I like the owl picture too...


  3. Thank you Marian,I'm glad to read your comment. It seems sometimes I'm grumpy and backwards but I really feel we are loosing something important.
    And yes, that owl appeals to you, doesn't it?!

  4. Thank you Marian,I'm glad to read your comment. It seems sometimes I'm grumpy and backwards but I really feel we are loosing something important.
    And yes, that owl appeals to you, doesn't it?!

  5. I doubt it will be much consolation to know that all the problems you identify are troubling us in the UK too and are likely to become even worse in the aftermath of our Brexit vote. I worry very much about how hard life is likely to be for my teenage grandsons when they finally enter the world of work.